July 21st, 2018


When I was a kid, Spam was in rotation on our dinner table. My Mom, totally unironically, would take it out of the can whole and score it on top like a ham and even put cloves in the corners and give a glaze and then bake it. For real. It was a family favorite. We loved it.

I still love it. But, I forget about it. Today I remembered. I sliced up a can and fried the slices and had two of them with fried eggs. YUM. The rest of the slices will be lunch this week. I may freeze a couple in case of a Spam emergency.

I had a lovely swim. I wanted to do a quick grocery shop after but at the big Safeway about a mile from the pool instead of my now usual QFC. I headed out and hit a Road Closed sign, and then another and then I figured out it was parade day. I tried, last year, to grocery shop at that same Safeway on parade day and regretted it. Today, I turned around and went back to my QFC. Then home. Easy peasy.

There's a soccer game across the street today. I think most of their games are sold out anyway but I'm sure today's will be. That World Cup whipped up some soccer frenzy. Then, one stadium down from theirs, the Mariners play tonight. And it's one of my games! I just checked the dinner menu and it looks good - scallops and steak plus all kinds of goodies. I'm ready. But I'm grateful it's not a day game. By the time I'm in my seat, it will be 6 pm. My seat will be in the shade and it will be lovely.

Before then I have stuff to keep me entertained. I have to clean up the kitchen. I have some sewing stuff I want to do. I have a movie I rented that I need to watch before I forget. I have that crochet test to finish and I've still got a couple of hours of knitting left on a pair of socks I started a while back.

Zoey has been way more affectionate than her cat union should allow lately. Right now she's stretched out along my thigh like a dog. I don't know what's going on but I'm fine with it.

Ok, time to get to work. I need to plug in my scooter so it's all juiced to get to the stadium tonight.

56 Minutes. I'm kind of impressed.

I got an email this morning from Spotify saying they had changed my email address.

Your previous email address was: susandennis@gmail.com
It's now: sanders.dennis@yopmail.com


I checked, and, sure enough, I was totally locked out of my account. I sent them a NO NO NO NO NO email and then proceeded to find the latest charge to my credit card so I could tell the credit card company not to pay them.

I couldn't find a charge.... hmmmm Not on my Discover and not on my Visa... off to Mint. Ok, there's one on May 17. Visa. BUT, that's the only charge. I remember that right after that charge, I switched it to Discover but, apparently, they never charged my Discover Card. Weird.

Then I got an email reply saying they had locked the account while they investigated and they asked me for screenshots of my earliest receipt and bank evidence that I had paid it. Since I only had one bill/payment, it was easy to find and I sent it.

I heard back soon saying that I needed to change my password and start up my premium account again. I changed the password and hit 'renew' and there was my Discover card so at least I remembered that correctly.

Anyway... 56 minutes from their original 'we changed the email on your account' email to fix... on a Saturday morning. Not too shabby. Of course, they could have not broken it in the first place. Wonder how come they didn't charge me for two months?