July 20th, 2018


This morning was the first morning that I was able to see the beginning of my favorite time of year. Well, not the beginning but at least a hint. I love the Fall so much. I pull out of the garage at about 4:45 am. I can see daylight then... until today. Today, it was still dark. The first 'still dark' day. I've lived here in Seattle now for more than 25 years and still I can't get used to how long these Summer days are. I go to sleep while it's still light and wake up while it's still light. That's crazy!

Also crazy? There was no one at the pool this morning! I swam for 55 minutes without seeing a soul. Finally, for the last 5 minutes, two of the regulars came in. It always makes me feel like I missed a memo when no one shows up but me.

I discovered this morning that, apparently, I've been sucking down an empty inhaler for the past few days. I take Spiriva for my COPD. The inhaler has a ticker thingie on the side to tell you when it's empty but the action - the twist, push the button, get the mist - all still works when it's empty so if you don't look, you don't know. I feel fine. I have not noticed any issues or problems breathing or coughing. I wonder what cutting my dosage to every other day would do? Besides saving me $350? I think I might try it.

Also this morning, I reached the end of my toothpaste, emptied my little bottle of hair conditioner and ran out of the body lotion I carry in my swim bag. If today is the last day of my life, it will have been a tidy finish, that's for sure!

Baseball is back today, yeah!! But before the first pitch, I have stuff to do. Stuff around here and then a trip to Costco and a stop at Amazon Fresh to drop off a return.

It's supposed to be warmer today but then get Africa hot for more than a week - according to the TV weather peops. My phone weather apps, however, say it will be about 10 degrees cooler than what the TV people say. Both agree, however, that it will be full sun in cloudless skies which is not good. But, in less than 6 weeks, September will be here. And bring reason to my universe again.

The end of the chair hunt

hopefulspirit posted pictures of her new house and new furniture yesterday and she had a chair I had come across with my internet searches but couldn't find. She said she got it at Costco. But even more importantly, she said it was comfortable.


So today I took my ample ass to Costco for a test drive. Found it. Sat on it. Declared it totally doable.

It's not my dream chair. BUT, it is big enough front and back and side to side. It is easy to get in and out of. It's upholstered in a boring but not so bad a-little-bit-nubly gray/brown/tweed that I can live with. And... it's cheap (comparatively speaking).

This very nice Costco guy said that they had just added this furniture on July 1 so it's likely to be in stock for a while. That gives me time to figure out how to get it from the store to here. There is a service called Dolly here in town that is likely my best option.

I had a nice walk around Costco, bought a hot dog and ate it and walked back to the car. I spent $1.50 cash. The first cash I've spent in 8 days. I could have charged it but that just seemed ridiculous.

I did 2 loads of laundry. Now I need to fold the second one and then get on to my crochet project. It's a pattern test that, turns out, I don't love but I promised to do. Probably only take me about 2 more hours to finish.