July 17th, 2018


Today's normal routine was knocked out of whack from the getgo by having to get the car fixed. It means that I had to put on real clothes this morning instead of just my throw-over-my-suit dress. That means I had to get my brain in gear right off the bat.

But, I also wore my new swimsuit which turned out perfectly. It looks fun but also fits like it was made for me. hahahahha. It is about the 20th suit I've made but it is the first one that was perfect from the start. I finally remembered to shorten the elastic around the legs. Doh. AND write down the new num on my 'swim suit measurement' post it note. I'm such a slow learner.

WHOA!!! I just saw on Twitter that the new police chief is the one I wanted! The interim chief was in the running, didn't make the final cut (much to the loud dismay of many besides me), one of the finalists dropped out and they added her back in and now she's clinched the job!! She threw out the first ball at a game a month or so ago and, turns out IRL, she is tiny. But she is mighty and I'm delighted for her and for Seattle.

Also I just learned on Twitter that the Republican convention is going to be in Charlotte. OMG. Have they lost their minds? I guess so. What a shit show. Why in the world would they let that happen? I have not been back in many years and so have no feel for the current landscape but really no city is ready for the Republicans in 2020 much less a smaller Southern city. I'm glad I will be on the other side of the country.

This loveseat is just not cutting it. It's not comfortable for me to sit on. I've got to stop sitting on it. Today. Ok, I just did. Yeah. But I need a longer term fix. I think LazyBoy has something that will meet all my requirements but damn there shit is expensive. I mean really really really expensive and, I think, the piece I want is not wide enough. I need to go to one of their stores. My back says soon. Maybe Thursday. It's a shame because other than its being so uncomfortable, there's a lot to like about this loveseat. But, it's gotta go.

The car, I'm afraid, is going to also cost a bundle. But, not having chilled air blowing is just not an option. So my brother doesn't inherit so much. He'll get by.

I dropped it off on the way home from the pool. John, the car guy, said it would take about a half day so I had them bring me home. I've really got no plans for the day and, as I sit here, I'm thinking I might even whip down to that LazyBoy place after the car gets ready. It's about a 20 minute drive but I could test the air conditioning...

But right now, I'm going to whip up a batch of breakfast burritos.

Is there anything worse than furniture shopping?

Before that, however... I forgot to mention that on my way from the pool to the Mercedes place, I pulled into McDonald's for a sausage biscuit and coffee. Drive Thru. When it came time to pay, I stuck out my phone and she stuck out her card beeper thing and BEEP! It was a done deal. WAY easier, faster than cash and with a paper trail that is already stored away for me. I like it a lot. I have spent $0 cash since last Wednesday.

I made 8 breakfast burritos this morning. 2 in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. I feel breakfast wealthy.

I didn't have anything for lunch so I whipped up a little quiche with some left over havarti and put it in the Advantium oven (which does not heat up the house). I usually cook them for 30 minutes. 10 minutes in, of course, John calls to say my car's ready. They said they would pick me up in 20 minutes. The lunch math was broken. So I checked the quiche at 20 minutes and it looked good. Turns out, it only wanted 20 minutes of cooking!! And it was delicious. Note to self, don't overcook those suckers any more.

The car cost $325. But it is cool as a cuke. Yeah!!!

I decided to go on down to the Lazy Boy store. They only had one of the two that I wanted to see but it showed me enough to know that it is OK, not great not even good just OK. And would take 8 -12 weeks to get and would cost $200 to deliver and, no, they will not take away my old couch when they deliver... but, here's the major WTF. This OK chair? $2k all in. The other one that they didn't even have "I can show you a picture" would be $3K all in. NFW. No thank you. It was pretty clear they weren't that interested in selling me anything anyway.

There are about a dozen furniture stores near there. Most are cut rate, not my style stores. There are two that are more modern/mid-centuryish so I went to those. No joy in either the furniture or the service. I found some more OK but not good enough options at Macy's and at least a sales person there who pretended she would like to help me buy. Macy's, by the way, had far more and more attractive options for recliner chairs than Lazy Boy did.

There is a lot of furniture that comes in 50 shades of brown. And gray and black. Ugh.

So home I came. I think my plan is going to be to get rid of my current uncomfortable brown sofa and move the love seat that is in the bedroom back into here and just wait for inspiration.

I dropped off my latest Amazon return at the Amazon Fresh location and got a free banana ... Score!

My instapot arrived and I did a test with water like you are supposed to. Pretty slick. Tonight is chicken - pressure cooked with leftover cheese potatoes (microwave) and either sugar snap peas or pears. This will be a fine test of how much cooking/prep I'm up for. Mainly, my plan is to use the instapot (which, turns out to really be instant pop - i don't know why I keep leaving out the t and the space) to make big batches of freezer fodder. And fast, perfect rice.

But not today.