July 15th, 2018


I remembered to get gas this morning on the way to the pool. Yeah me! My swim was good. But by the time I was done, I was starving. On the way home I was trying to think of something easy and delicious for breakfast that I could cook without heating up the house.

As I pulled into my garage, I got a text from ljtourist asking if I wanted to go out to breakfast right then. YES, PLEASE!!! He came and picked me up in his air conditioned car and off we went. The place we went was one I'd been to and liked. He'd never been there. It was crowded but the wait was not long. The food turned out to be mediocre. The biscuit was great and the crust on his chicken fried steak was delicious and the rest really needed help. The service was also anti-service. But, I enjoyed myself enormously. He's such good company.

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.

Now it's nearly game time.

The air conditioner is doing a wonderful job. When I got in from breakfast, it felt so deliciously cool in here and sleeping has been a joy as well. No buyers remorse there at all.

And speaking of buyers, Frank had a great selection for where to look for my new sofa/chair/loveseat/chairandahalf. Lazy Boy. I looked on their website and found two different pieces that would meet my requirements and more. There are a couple of stores around here so I'll be visiting one of them in the soonish timeframe! I do need to fall over a pile of cash, however.

Yarn time. Probably squares today - crochet. I have a box to send off to the guy who makes them into blankets but it's only half full. I want to send it crammed full. So time to get to work.