July 12th, 2018

The old ball game

I'm afraid the Mariners have ruined me. I have long been a huge fan of minor league baseball. The baseball played by guys who are the very best in their high schools and colleges and not nearly good enough yet to play in the major leagues. They are barely old enough to shave and some are tiny and they are so so so young in every way.

And the ballparks are old and rickety or just rickety or built out of aluminum. The profit margins are thin and every penny is squeezed until it screams. They will do anything to get people into the park for a game. There are major shenanigans between every inning. Some are fun and some are silly and some are good times to go pee or get something to drink.

The baseball is mostly really bad. It's always been bad but my point of comparison with watching live baseball had not been tempered with a lot of major league ball. So I didn't really realize how bad. Bad.

Last night we went to an Everett Aquasox game.

They do have the cutest logo in baseball. It was blazing hot in the sun but we managed to find shade. And it was fun. There was one guy, playing for the other team, who looked like he really did have a chance to make it to the big leagues. But the rest were just postponing real life, I'm afraid.

But before that, we had lunch at a very very cool place. zyzyly reminded me of it when he reported on eating at a McMenamins place in Oregon. From their website "McMenamins has been a neighborhood gathering spot throughout Oregon and Washington since 1983. We handcraft our own beer, wine, cider, spirits and coffee. We offer an eclectic mix of pubs, historic hotels, movie theaters, concert venues, spas, events and just pure fun—join in!"

I remembered there was one in Bothell (a town north of here) that I had long wanted to check out because I had heard they had a swimming pool. So we headed there for lunch. It's an old school that is now a hotel, several restaurants, theater, and fabulous swimming pool!

The pool is:

1. Open to the public ($7 for seniors)
2. salt water
3. open from 7-9am for laps (no children)
4. open every single day of the year

And it is a, very odd, 37 yards long. (My every day pool and most lap pools in the US are 25 yards.) I am very excited about this. It's a 30 minute drive from here and so not one I would do often but on holidays when my pool is closed and there is no traffic on the road? ABSOLUTELY!!! And maybe even on odd weekend days, maybe, for a treat.

Also the food was delicious and they are open for post swim breakfast. What a find!!

She's a goner for sure

The A/C in my car, that is. I thought it was not as cold as it was last Summer. My brother confirmed that it did not feel very air condition-y the other day. I contacted my car fix guy and he says he'll need it for a half day so, really, this week was out. Tuesday at 7 am.

And so of course, it's getting hotter and hotter and there is less and less A/C. Yesterday afternoon sitting in traffic on the way to the game, it was bad, really bad.

Just now my brother came back to collect his suitcase and join his wife over at the hotel. Oh and drop off the car and he said there was now, officially, no A/C at all.

I told him I'd come collect them for dinner about 5:30ish. He said fine. That was 2. So I thought, hmmm, maybe I'll pop over to the gym and swim. (I did not go this morning because I needed sleep more than swim.) But, then I remembered no A/C in the car? NFW.

It will be fine in the mornings and I don't think there's really any place I need to go in full sun before Tuesday. I am excited - not - about spending more money on stuff that isn't fun. But, having no A/C is not an option. I'm beginning to feel like a cartoon purse with dollars just flying out of it.

I've had issues with my internet coming and going really sporadically in the past few months. It's been a bitch to pin down enough even to describe if I called the service desk. Finally about a month ago, I found and installed a network monitor program that showed me a gazillion things that didn't even really point to any good info I could use to troubleshoot. I was going to get my brother to look at it but when I explained the issue he said 'Why don't you use that great little tool you told me about a couple of years ago?' Net Uptime Monitor. holy crap. That's exactly what I needed and I'd totally forgotten about it.

I downloaded it and installed it. When it came up, it was like seeing a beloved old friend again after years of separation. It's simple and easy and does exactly what I need without a fuss. Already, twice today I've thought the network failed and I was able to look at that simple log and see that, nope, it actually did not. Or if it did, it failed and corrected w/in 5 mins which is ok with me.

My brother says he's been using it for several years ever since I told him about it. So nice to have two people to share institutional memory!

I've done laundry and put the sewing room back in order and now I think I'll maybe do some TiVo catchup.