June 28th, 2018

The rabbit died

In this case not the pregnancy announcing rabbit but the Task Rabbit. I woke up to a lovely little note that "James D. Would not be available to help with my Task this morning." Fuck you, James D. Before I was actually awake, I booked another Tasker Ian V. His earliest time was 8 am tomorrow. I'm giving him until 8:30 am today to respond. I also filled out a Yelp thing asking for quotes for four different plumbers - all of whom are listed as 'responding in 10 minutes'. It's 8:15.

Talk about your cliff hanger.

And while we wait. So last night. 9:25ish. I was in bed reading and I turned off the light to go to sleep. 2 seconds later the alarm went off. This is a very loud sound. But, I didn't move. The fire alarm goes off about once a year. It's never anything. The one time we had a fire in one of the units (out in their terrace) the alarm didn't even go off. My options were

1. Get dressed, find Zoey, get the carrier. Walk downstairs. Wait outside. Listen to my neighbors say stupid shit. At some point, much later, the fire department says we can go back in. But they don't activate the elevators right away. The stairs are very steep. I live on the 4th floor.

2. Stay in bed.

I picked 2. After a while I heard the firetruck. I fired up the front door webcam. What I was hoping for was seeing pretty firefighters walk into the building to check it and then have the alarm stop. What you really don't want to see in this situation is what I saw... firefighters pulling hose off the truck and more trucks pulling up with a Medic truck added to the mix. But, also, my neighbors two doors down were standing at the front door just chit chatting and not looking stressed. So I just waited.

The alarm stopped at 9:50. I was dead asleep at 9:51.

This morning there was an email from Sandy, the HOA president that a woman down the hall on the floor below, had a grease fire. Sounds like the person got burned but not terribly. The apartment got burned but not terribly. And the sprinklers did their job plus flooding.

I totally get that my decision could result in my turning into a crispy critter. What worries me more is the idea of someone - firefighter or someone else - risking his or her life to save me. I do hope that never happens. But I'm not going to treat myself to climbing up 4 steep flights of stairs. I can mind over matter the alarm.

Back to the sink... I just got a call (4 minutes after sending the Yelp thing) from a plumber who's shit sounds together. Tomorrow noon-two guaranteed. Today if there is any kind of cancellation/opening. Already I have an email confirmation and a text confirmation. I canceled Ian V.

Yesterday it got warm in here but not warm enough for the a/c. What I really wanted was to swap out my long pants for shorts. I'm pretty sure I have a couple of pair somewhere but I can't find them. So off to Amazon to see if they had any cheap fat lady shorts.

?? Am I nuts ??? Almost before I finished typing in the query, I remembered a friggin hallway full of fabric and my sewing skills. DOH!

So today I'll be whipping up some shorts. Just around the house shorts. No one needs to see this body in shorts just casually without warning. If someone wants to specifically go to my webcam to see me in shorts, OK, but I'm not going out on the street in them. I can just tweak my regular pants pattern for wider legs. I'm thinking a little coulotte action. And I have the perfect fabric in mind. Two pieces I got at Goodwill a while back.

pink_halen and Ron cruise around the world to the most wonderful and interesting places. pink_halen documents these trips in his journal and I love them. I get to go to amazing places without having to pack a thing. He includes just enough information to send me down one Google rabbit hole or another with nearly every entry. I've learned really fun stuff on this latest trip. He's amazingly generous with his sharing of their experiences. I often think what a major PIA it must be to find internet and upload stuff while also enjoying it all. I'm very grateful.

The Mariner game is at noon today so I think I'll just get crackin' on those shorts/culottes.

Potatoe (political spelling) in the bathroom sink

Washing dishes in the bathroom is not just a counter real estate problem. That poor little drain wasn't made for dinner. I try to be careful about what sluices off but I finally unscrewed the stopper and found a bit of potato... Also a lot of yuck. So I took a stiff brush to it all and around the mouth of the drain and it's actually draining much nicer now. I have a better system so I think we're cool for the time being. At least for the next 24 hours.

In the elevator, I ran into a worker guy who's working on the unit across the hall. I came very close to asking if I could hire him to fix. But, I decided it wasn't nice to poach Doug and Renae's workers and I feel like tomorrow's guy really will show up and he's a real plumber so might as well get it done correctly.

I did, in fact, use up two pieces of fabric that I really thought I'd never find a use for and made some nice wide shorts/culottes. Simple with a pocket. They are super comfy. Problem solved.


Murphy's Law says those other shorts will show up before dinner. Speaking of which, I have a couple of nice freezer/microwave options or 13 Coins. A big part of my bathroom dish washing plan is to avoid having to do any dish washing!

Oh and I made 8 breakfast burritos. Only a pan and scraper needed to be washed there so yeah. My house cleaner has been bringing me fresh from the chicken eggs every time. A Dozen. Most of the dozen she brought yesterday were fresh from the grocery store. I love that 1. she's working to keep the egg commitment she made and 2. she thinks I wouldn't notice to store bought. I'm fine with the whole thing. I just think it's funny.

Game time.