June 27th, 2018

Water Water everywhere...

Last night, I was washing up a couple of dishes and just finishing when I discovered water on the floor. Wait. What? Water coming from the under sink cabinets... Yep. Leaky leaky. It's coming from the faucet and up inside that hole where the faucet attaches to the sink. It stops leaking when I turn the water off. I like simple solutions so this appeals to me.

I grabbed every towel in the house and now the damage is fixed but the pipes... not so much. If I were younger and more limber and had the proper tools, I'd youtube the fuck out of the situation. But, I am old and fat and the opposite of limber and not interested in even trying. I called Thom, the plumber, and left a message on his answering machine.

Initially, as with all such crises, I thought and felt like the end of the world was nigh.

Now I'm all, eh? No water in the kitchen for a few days, big whop. I have two other sinks in this house and a bathtub. I got water. Yes, it's unfortunate that today is house cleaner day and, because my brother will be here next time, it's the last house cleaner day for three weeks. But. What. Ever. World peace is not at stake here. It's not even as tragic as my cable TV problems (which are still fixed, thankyouverymuch).

Thom is a good guy and he'll call back and fix it when he can. I have pitchers and buckets and bins. All is good.

Oh and it's another cool morning which is also great for house cleaner day since I am sure the air conditioner and her vacuum cleaner are not going to happily share the electrical circuits in this house. It will be a PIA for the next 3 or 4 times she comes but not today. Whew.

Generally when she's here, I go to Goodwill and then up to the Red Apple grocery market on Beacon Hill and then fill up the car with gas and by that time, usually, she's done. But, I went to Goodwill on Monday and I really don't need anything at Red Apple. But, I do think my heart and soul and tongue would all rejoice if we turned this day into a Popeye's Fried Chicken day. So I think that's going to be the destination du jour. I can get chicken for lunch and for dinner. I can stop along the way and get gas. And then kill some time happily wandering the dollar store which is kitty kornered from Popeye's.

I like the plan. A lot.

I've been trying to pay attention to where and how I spend discretionary funds. (I think I have the magazine subscription thing fixed. I have an email saying they will refund their billing by Friday.) So today I decided I wanted to make some socks. I have no sock yarn in my yarn stash.

There's a yarn shop kind of semi on the way to Popeye's but their prices are high and the quality of the goods does not merit the extra $$ but the biggest drawback is that whenever I am in there I feel like they are annoyed by my presence and by having to take my money. Not a great feeling. I went online to my 3 or so favorite yarn suppliers. One had what I wanted at 3 times what I wanted to pay. (I want to make socks to wear. I expect to pay more for hand knit socks (over store bought socks) but not $20-$30 a pair.) One place had what I wanted at a price I was ok with ($6) but the shipping was another $6. And I know from experience they use turtles for shipping. It generally takes 2 weeks to get the stuff. I found exact same yarn on Amazon. $4. and free shipping. And I'll get it Friday. Now... why in the world would I buy this sock yarn from anyone but Amazon?

The local yarn shop on the way to Popeye's mostly has sock yarn in only what they call Pacific Northwest Colors - muddy green, dull notquitenavy, gray, black, brown. In other words, the anti-susandennis color spectrum. And I read the other day that the woman who has owned the shop for many years sold it to her daughter who has decided that life is too short to run a yarn shop so she's trying to sell it. There is much bruhaha about how horrible it is to lose yet another locally owned speciality shop. I'm not bruhahaha-ing.

Ok, time to get a move on. I at least should be dressed when the house cleaner gets here.

I'm trying ...

Last night, I sent a note to the building manager, Jathan, asking him if, by chance, there were any plumbers, handy peops, contractors on site working on any of the units. I explained my sink situation and said I was looking to hire someone to dome look/fix. (All* vendors/workers/contractors are required to go through him to work in anyone's unit in the building.)

I told him in the note that 1. I'd turn the water off so the unit below mine was safe and 2. I had called Thom (the plumber that I and others in the building use often).

I got a response early this morning saying that if I could get a hold of Thom call Marco. And then an image was pasted with Marco's contact info.

I gave up on Thom at noon and called Marco except someone named Jerry answered. Then I googled Marco's company name and a company with no website, but a Yelp listing (no reviews) came up with an entirely different number. So I called Jathan. Who didn't answer. So I sent Jathan an email. And he called me (he NEVER responds via email EVER and, apparently, does not answer his phone when he sees it's me.) He said 'oh that phone number is wrong. here's the right one. I should fix that.' I have no idea what 'that' is and don't give a shit.

I called Marco who is out of town for 2 months. Yet another score for Jathan!! (And not in the Yeah column.)

* The condo rules say all work people have to register with the building manager. But, since Jathan got here last year, I have had work people in here 3 times. Each time I've asked him 'do I need to register?' and each time he's said no. So I quit asking. I do know that some work people do register cause they get little work badges. I just don't understand the formula. Nor do I give a shit.

So Task Rabbit. I have used Task Rabbit a couple of times successfully over the years but then they changed the site so that it was impossible to figure out. Then IKEA bought them. But this time I was desperate so I tried again. Still not crazy about the site BUT I was able to find a handy man with lots of tasks completed and a 97% favorable rating who was available tomorrow at 9:30 for $60 an hour. I hired James B.

He asked for pix of the prob and I sent. He said he'd be here at 9:30. Done and whew.

The house cleaner was totally unfazed by no water in the kitchen. The house is all nicely clean and I have a dozen fresh-from-the-chicken eggs. I had a wonderful time at the Dollar Store. The Dollar Store just salves my soul. I spent $28 and had a blast doing it.

And then I went to Popeye's 8 pieces, dark meat only, mild (not spicy) and two biscuits. When I got home I had 3 drumsticks and a biscuit. And the rest is in the fridge. My soul is healed and is currently rejoicing in the future healing to come.

Oh and I even remembered to get gas.

I have paper plates and I got plastic utensils at the dollar store. I'm totally set. The baseball game starts at 4.