June 26th, 2018


Today is cable fix it day. I hope. It has now gone out - dropping a subset of all my channels - for an hour or two everyday for the past 3 days. Not fun. Especially since one of the channels is the Mariner game and all of the outage times were during games. Grrrr. I'm bracing myself for the tech not being able to fix it because it won't go out on demand.

Even as I say that I am working hard not to borrow bad stuff. I have a wonderful life. I mean perfect. It's the life I picked for me and it's turned out to be just the life I wanted. So why in the world do I let little stupid shit spoil it? Why do I let the building manager and the HOA president rain on my parade? They could care less. It's all me and I also control it. Why do I get all bent out of shape over stupid stuff? I got all pissed off this morning because a magazine subscription renewed when it wasn't supposed to. I mean really. How silly. I discovered it because it's a pending transaction on my Discover card. I canceled the canceled subscription and got a screenshot of my message and their 'we received your message' message. Plenty of proof to decline the Discover charge should it become a non-pending/real charge. It's not a tragedy.

It's not even hot here today. It's a fabulously comfortable 72 degrees in this living room and feels even cooler than that. I found a new puppy cam - I mean new puppies. These don't even have their eyes open yet. They are just wiggly little wiggles right now. So cute.


I need to stay focused on the good stuff. The joy I get when I go to my closet that now has empty space in it or open those big drawers and see the bottom of the drawer. That's good stuff. Really good stuff. Not only did the Mariners win but Houston lost last night. Very good stuff. Sarah Richardson has a new HGTV show. That's good stuff.

Other than the cable tech between 2 and 4 and the Mariner game at 4, I'm not sure what today will bring. I've got the luxury of plenty of good options.

I think I was starving my cat!

First off, the cable guy came and replaced a cable and replugged down at the big box and got me more/strong signal. We'll see if that fixed it. It's fine now.

But, I've come to the realization that I think I have been starving Zoey.

Every since I through out those tiny kibble bits and filled her bowl with fresh, she's been a different cat. No more constantly begging and whining and carrying on. No more scarfing down the wet food. I think for whatever reason she was unable to eat those little bits and no telling how long they were the only thing in the bowl. I look at that bowl every day and it had food in it - covering the bottom so I thought there was not a problem.

But, last week she was so whiny needy hungry that I even went to the grocery store before my 5 am swim because I was out of the canned stuff. Ever since I fixed the dried kibble situation, she's there chomping now and again all day long. She eats a little wet food but about 1/10th of what she ate before.

She comes over to nap here beside me but does not interrupt me like she did before. I really do think I was inadvertently starving her! So sorry, Zoey!!