June 21st, 2018

Give it a rest...

The door to the outside is open and the air conditioner is getting a rest. This will likely not last long but it's nice for a bit. It is nicely cool and cloudy out this morning.

I was dead to the world when the alarm went off this morning. I was dreaming about my new job where Marissa (from The Good Fight) was the receptionist but she got fired in the dream and handed me my new badge and parking pass as she went out the door. But, before she left she found my livejournal where I had said really nice things about her. I was glad to help make her day not totally suck.

But, boy I was in a fog. Then I had a coughing fit after I got to the pool. I had my magic coughing fix pills but they were in the car. Traipse through the gym in my swimsuit? Get back dressed, get the pill, get undressed? Give up on swimming for the day? I swam and coughed while I noodled this out. I concentrated on breathing slowly and carefully and rhythmically and before I got to a decision, the coughing stopped. Whew. Then, when I got home, I figured out the cause. They cleaned and waxed the lobby floor last night and the fumes were so strong, I could smell them on the 4th floor before I even got near the elevator. My lungs do not like funky foreign stuff. They are fine now, tho.

The robot is back!! He'd been missing in action since last week but today he's back. No roaming but just standing in his enclosure with his lights blinking. I wonder if he was on vacation. Robot Island Resorts where all the Robots go to lie on the beach and surf and barbecue on the beach.

Today's baseball is at 10 am. There's a cake bakery now selling slices in Georgetown - a neighborhood 10 minutes from here. I've been wanting to try them for a while. They don't open til 11 so usually not my best schedule but today might be just perfect. I am a cake fan but my buying a whole cake means I have to freeze most of it which is not that good an option. Slices, however, are perfect. Cupcakes are ok but cake slices are way better.

No more spam calls last night. But I did get a totally apropos of nothing text from my friend, Frank, asking about my bagel flavor preferences. I responded (plain) and then crickets. I'm intrigued.

Now I think would be a good time to get dressed, start a load of laundry, and maybe get more coffee.

Well, that was a treat

I was 2 loads (out of 3) into the laundry and taping together a new pattern when Frank called to ask if I wanted to try State's burgers for lunch. This is a burger place that opened up across the street from Uwajimaya about a year ago. I keep wanting to try it out but then going into Uwajimaya for their poke instead.

So I said YES!! I watched the game and we came close... again... but no cigar. We made the final out just as I spied Frank across the street. Lunch was ok. I think Frank was more impressed that I was. I was kind of glad it wasn't fabulous. Now I can skip those poke/burger debates on that corner.

I told him about the cake place and so we walked back to my house, got in the car and headed for the bakery. It's a really charming little place with truly delicious goods. Different but not like wildly-we-forgot-we-were-making-cake-to-eat different. I bought a slice and two different cup cakes. I ate the slice. I intended to eat half the slice and take the other half home with the cupcakes but my mouth just kept getting more cake.

Oh and Frank bought me real New York bagels from New Jersey!!

Now I'm home finishing up the laundry. It's not really hot out but really muggy.

OH OH OH!! The route from burgers to bakery took us really close by the Robot so I stopped to see where he was. He was not in his enclosure... Because he was working!!!! Tootiling around the parking lot keeping it safe. I got out and went to say hi. I did notice there were no evil doers lurking. That Robot is good at his job. I made Frank snap our picture: