June 19th, 2018

Back in the saddle again...

I woke up just before the alarm went off and I was ready. Ready to go swim. It was great. I love early morning swims the very best. When I got out of the pool, I noticed that my swim music player and my watch both had batteries nearly deplete. So I got my breakfast burrito and coffee and sat down and plugged everything in. It was neck and neck for a while but the music player won. It got to 100% while the watch was still at 98%. But, I feel fully juiced.

I've now had my new TV for a couple of weeks now and I really do love it. My old (2011) Samsung. For years now - since 2000 actually - I've used TiVo as my main tuner. I had it set so that when I turned on the TV, I got TiVo. When I first got this box, I set it up the same way but now I'm using the Roku interface. It's plain, simple and is way easy to use. I never really understood Roku TV until I got one. I get it now and it is good.

There may be sewing today. I have one project half done. It's something I won't need or use until cold weather so I'm not so motivated to finish it and yet, I'm also not motivated to start anything new until I do so I need to get it done. But, it's liable to be really hot back in the sewing room so we will have to see. I am absolutely not going outside today. Or tomorrow. Too fucking hot.

Amazon, some days I don't, but today, I love you!

Here in Seattle, we've had all kinds of Amazon delivery situations. In the early days, it was pretty much only the post office and UPS. Then we had the Ontrac years. Many of those were excruciating. Then we started the Amazon-grown delivery service. Early on, it sucked but it has gotten better. Now it is really their delivery of choice. I'd say 80% of my deliveries are done by Amazon's own delivery service.

They are mainly independent contract delivery people and there are a million of them. Most do not read the delivery instructions. They leave packages in giant heaps in various places. Sometimes the package area in the garage. Sometimes in the lobby. Sometimes in the mailroom. Sometimes at the front door. When you get a text that you package was delivered or you see it was delivered when you check the tracking, the hunt begins. Where did they leave it this time?

Oh and another issue is that their text saying 'your package was delivered' comes most often the day after delivery. So, if you really want the package or want to grab it before someone swipes it, you live on that tracking page.

Anyway... tonight I was checking the tracking page. It kept saying my package would be delivered by 9 pm. At 7:15, I hit refresh and I got this:

So not only did I know my package was delivered, I knew it was just outside the door to my unit!!! Had it been in any other spot, I would have known that, too. This is fabulous and amazing. And I sent them feedback saying so. I hope they do this every time.

The Mariner game is about over. And no, I don't want to discuss it, thanks anyway.