June 18th, 2018


After my pool/tire/walking adventure yesterday morning, I sat on my ass all the rest of the day. I watched the Mariners lose and then watched other TV and so, come bedtime, I fell asleep quickly but felt like I was awake most of the night. I turned off the alarm but woke up at 4:30 anyway. I conjured on ways to get to the pool for my regular swim time but came up blank and dozed some more. I felt like I had a bad night's sleep but, then...

My tracker says I slept way better than I thought I did. So yeah?!


It's now almost 7. The next step is to call the tire place when they open at 8 and discuss options. Best case, they will say, come on over, we'll figure it out and fix you up. Then I'll go give them the key and hit the pool and when I'm done, they will be too. That's best case.
Right now there are no Car2Go's anywhere near here so it would be Lyft but I do appreciate options.

I have lots of little things that need to be done around the house. None are critical. I should just start at one end of the house and work to the other until all is done. I might even just do that. It's coolish out this morning but that will be gone by mid morning so I'm keeping the outside out and the a/c on. So far, it's done a nice job of keeping cool without having to resort to the loud fan. I've also kept the insulating shades down.

One saving grace in summers around here is the lack of humidity. I've never really understood it. I grew up in humidity. I never knew hot came any other way until I got to the west coast. I got out here and discovered that you could leave a saltine cracker on the counter for an hour and it would still be crisp! I live 2 blocks from Elliott Bay - a huge water way. We have clouds and mist on many many days throughout the year. And we get a fair amount of rain. And still. Our humid days are few and far between. I don't get it but I do appreciate it. Massively.

Ok, now I'm going to get off my ass, get dressed and get some of these little chores knocked out while I'm waiting for the tire place to wake up.

More than a simple blow job...

Turns out, according to the tire guys, my tire was pulling away from the rim and could not be saved. PLUS, it's twin on the driver's side was showing signs of the same affliction. So. With no really recourse except to trust them, I bought two new tires. They only came in one color and it is not a fun one. Also they only came in one shape but turns out that's for good reason.

I ended up taking a Car2Go. When I was ready to go, there were 3 outside just across the street. Turns out, it would have been easier and cheaper to Lyft, but whatever. Car2Go is a lot easier now than it used to be. And, there's some kind of magic in walking out my front door and renting a nice 4 door BMW car for 11 miles.

I had to wait about 45 minutes for their guy with a truck to come back from his other fixes. But the place was very clean and nicely appointed and large and bright and tidy and air conditioned and wifi'd. So suffering, I was not.

The truck guy drove me down into the garage and pumped up my tire from his truck blower and I drover back across the street. They said they would fix it if they could or replace I said great. Ok if I go for a swim while you do that? Sure. Except, turns out, 5 minutes after I got into the pool, they called and left a message that they had options they wanted my take on. Sigh.

So an hour later, when I had had my swim and showered and dressed, they and agreed to buy the new tires, they then took another 30 minutes to get them on. Again, air conditioned and wifi'd. And, frankly everyone in the place was as nice and pleasant and accommodating as they could possibly be. I'd have rather spent the $225 another way but, hey it could have all been way worse and I have two new guaranteed tires. They are guaranteed for 40,000 miles. My now 7 year old car has 25,000 miles on it. So I'm thinking, I've got some good years of tire insurance, at least on the fronts!

I was reminded of one of the best perks of early morning swimming... real swimmers. I don't want to get all holier than thou and I do understand and appreciate and laud those who get into the pool and just splash around. Moving in water is wonderful. It feels great and is good for you and everyone should do it. BUT JUST NOT WHILE I'm swimming lanes! They don't understand lane etiquette and are just there to play.

People don't come to a pool at 5 am to splash around, generally. They have laps to swim and they get in and swim them and take up only the real estate they need and mostly are very pleasant about sharing. My peops. The 10 am peops. Not so much. But my swim was still good.

And after I got my car released from the tire hospital, I realized that it was after 11 so Papa Murphy's (very near there) was open. Dinner is solutioned. Yeah, yeah, no excuse for that.