June 15th, 2018

Grumpy Stiltskins

The Mariners lost last night. They came close to not losing but lost in the end. I did not sleep well at all. The gym opened 5 minutes late this morning. And other things that are trying to harsh my mellow. I may have to try out my Happy Self maryjane today if this keeps up.

Per timbear, I am trying to get better at making grocery lists. I have one in Keep that I'm using. But, last night, I thought of something I needed to add to it. I didn't and trying to remember what it is, is driving me nuts.

Ha, just saw a tweet of the top 15 Seattle kid-friendly restaurants. I should get that list to ensure I never accidentally end up on one of those.

I have a sewing project in mid do and another one planned and ready. I still have 12 as yet unseen episodes of The Good Fight. It's still lovely and cool here today. Maybe a Uwajimaya walk for poke lunch? Probably.