June 11th, 2018

Monday misc

Last night about 8 or so, I started getting really really sleepy and feeling sick. I felt like I was headed to a coming out both ends situation. I went to bed and listened to my book for a while and then turned out the lights and lay there feeling worse and worse. Then I went to sleep. I woke up at 3 am needing to pee but feeling fine. When the alarm went off at 4:30, I felt great, refreshed and ready to swim. Very weird. But, whatever.

The robot was back this morning but confined to his little spot and not moving around and so, I think, not talking. I stopped but didn't get out of the car. I will tomorrow.


I love my new TV. Even doing research and being knowledgeable about stuff does not give you enough info to know exactly how well a piece of fairly complicated tech is going to fit into your life. The earbuds thing, for instance. I had researched that I could use earbuds to listen to the sound on this TV. I read about it in several places and turns out they were not wrong. Where this bit went south was TiVo. I use TiVo for most (dwindling but still now, most) of my TV watching. None of my sources mentioned that it wouldn't work with TiVo.

Inputs. I knew I wanted a better, simpler, input situation. There are several methods of choosing, changing inputs. It's incredibly difficult to ascertain the method used before actually using the TV. Even downloading and reading the manuals doesn't explain it. I can work around most input issues with a Harmony (universal) remote but I wanted to eliminate the need for that. And, turns out, I accidently figured out last night that I have the best of all worlds now. Two remotes but one is tiny. I'm a one-button hop from TiVo to Roku to Chromecast and back and that's all I need.

But, also the picture is gorgeous and I can read notes, texts, computer screens that appear in shows. Before this new TV, I had to pause the action and get up and go read what was on the screen or just do without the info. This is way much better.


I found a $504 charge on my credit card this morning called 'credit'????? This is my Capital One credit card that I use for most things including bill paying and shopping. I accidently paid it twice last month but didn't worry about it. I used it so much that using up the credit would take no time. Except, turns out, Capital One does not like your account to have credit so when it got to the end of the billing cycle, they took my account to $0 and sent me the balance in a paper check in the snail mail and charged my account for the amount. I'm pretty sure this is the most backassward accounting I've heard of in a long time. But, whatever. I did LOL at the customer service rep when she explained it to me. "You mean they cut an old fashioned paper check and put it into the postal mail??? Seriously?"

While it took me for-freakin-ever to find a phone number to call about this credit card thing, it took me almost no time to get to an actual person and that person was very efficient and pleasant and even laughed with me. So all is fine. Weird but fine.


I picked up a couple of things of cat food - a brand/type that Zoey has turned her nose up in the past - at grocery outlet. She has now changed her mind and loves them. I think I'll make a quick run over there today and get her some more.


Nothing else really on tap. Usually the Mariners have Mondays off but not today. They do, however, start a string of very tough games and their magical summer of 2018 may well take a bad turn from here on out. It's been fun. But, tonight starts the end of the fun, I'm thinking.