June 3rd, 2018

Game day - an extra!

My friend, Frank, sent me a text yesterday asking if I was interested in the Mariner game today. Frank is the dealer who got me hooked on Diamond Club. I'd always known about it and had actually tried to get my friend, Ann, to get tickets with me and go but she was having none of it. She loved baseball but $20 for a ticket, to her was madness enough. $200+ was not even up for discussion.

Then one day last Spring, Frank said 'would you ever have any interest in getting Diamond Club tickets one time for a game?' YES! He got on Stub Hub and worked the system. I cannot remember how much we paid. I wanna say $160 each. Doesn't matter, 10 minutes after having my ticket scanned that first time, I was hooked.

He's been talking about doing it again and yesterday, he picked today. At first I was not that into the idea. I was still reeling from Friday's 8 hours worth of fun. But, Sundays are the best for Diamond Club food. They lay out a fab brunch. Then I checked the weather. Overcast. Yeah, last time they lied but, hey, maybe they've gotten religion since then.

Now, today, I'm totally up for it. It is rather overcast and cool and I hope it stays that way. I've been watching Stub Hub and last night I was kind of worried when Frank hadn't pulled the trigger. But today, the prices are down fairly significantly from yesterday so ... he's clearly on the right track. It will be fun to sit in different seats for a change.

Oh, I just got a text from him. He's watching the ticket prices and 'they haven't hit my number yet.' Ha. I would never have the patience. But I can roll either way. The Diamond Club opens in less than an hour. 'I feel good about it! But no guarantees.'

Stay tuned!

EDIT: alas, the game is a no go. the sweet price/availability never got together. so. baseball on TV, it is but first. Breakfast. Or rather, I guess, brunch!

What a nice day

The music festival outside is noisy but with the door closed and the air conditioner running, I keep having to remember to listen to see if it's over yet. It's cool enough outside that once the thing ends, just having the door open will eliminate the air conditioner. I just looked on their website and it looks like they will be going well past my bedtime. No sweat. The air conditioner is working like a charm.

I knitted all afternoon and watched the Mariners win again. For years and years now, I've never had to concern myself with the rest of baseball. The Mariners did so poorly that what everyone else did didn't matter. Towards the end of the season, I'd get messages from rsc or jwg suggesting that a Mariner win would help out their Red Sox, but when you suck, you really have no use for anyone's help. But, now, it's getting serious. And I'm learning the ways. As I type this, we are the best team in the American League West Division. We are a half game behind Houston. Houston is currently losing to the Red Sox - in the 6th inning. So it's my turn to look to rsc and jwg for an assist. Fun times.

I get the rest of the world is watching basketball. Not my world.

I also got my PJ pants top cut out and ready to assemble. There wasn't nearly enough fabric in those pants but I think I've managed to come up with something.

I have one more episode of Killing Eve to watch and I'm trying to decide whether to watch it tonight. The movie Ladybird is free with Amazon Prime so I might watch that instead and save Eve for tomorrow night.

Zoey is doing her running from room to room for no particular reason trick. She cracks me up. While she was never lethargic or mopey, she's clearly not now. Ok. the race is over and now she's Lap Cat. So my plan to go get some ice cream out of the freezer is currently on hold.