June 2nd, 2018

Baseball hangover

Last night's game went 13 innings. And it was a tough 13 innings. We had it won by a run going into the 9th. And then it dragged and dragged and dragged on. Finally my row cleared out (along with a huge portion of the stadium) and I was going to go pee between the 13th and 14th innings when Mitch Hanniger saved us all with a home run. Bless his heart.

I got home about midnight:15. I slept til 7 but still. Swimming hung over is weird. For the first 15 minutes I felt like I was dizzy. Finally by the time I got done, I felt better. Made a stop at the grocery store and then home for some breakfast and now I'm done.

The music will likely start at noon so I'll shut the door and turn on the a/c. It got really noisy yesterday but it was quiet as a mouse when I got home last night.

Zoey is acting more like her old self than she has in a while. Yeah!

Ok time now to get going on something. I have a knitting project and I need to deconstruct the PJ pants I got at the game last night so I can use the fabric to make something awesome.