May 29th, 2018

Mondays that are really Tuesdays

Most of yesterday was spent at the ballpark. It was chilly in the shade but unlike the weather forecasts, the game itself was cloudless and the sun was relentless... not to mention Africa hot. I'm really dreading the day games in July and August.

Texas got a run early on and then no runs for either team for many innings so just hot outs. Erica's parents were my age and nice and not overly friendly. Two Japanese guys were on my right. They were nice but spoke no English. The one sitting next to me, however, gave me several fist bumps at various appropriate times.

I wore the Mariners shirt I made last week. I got tons of compliments on it. There are two couples who usually sit near me in the dining room. What Mariner shirt I will wear has turned into a thing with them. It's actually fun. At Friday's game, they are giving away Mariner PJ bottoms. I hope they are made of regular cotton (instead of like flannel or something heavy). I've already got ideas on how to make a new shirt using the PJ bottom fabric.

After three days of sleeping in, I had no problem going to sleep last night - sitting in the hot sun is exhausting - and so no problem getting up this morning which was nice.

I have two returns for Amazon. One has to go to a UPS store (I clicked the wrong thing) and one goes to the Amazon pick up place down the street here. This one would cost me $6 to return OR I could just drop it off. There's a UPS store in West Seattle next to a Papa Murphy's and the Amazon drop off spot is on the way home from there so... that's the plan for errands at mid day today and dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is house cleaner day but there's really nothing that needs to be done. Everything's pretty tidy ad ready.

Amazon day

The other day, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about people who said they had their Amazon accounts yanked because they returned too many orders. There were enough issues with the content of this article to make me suspect the sources and the reporter. I suspect strongly that the story behind the story presents a very different picture. BUT it did get me thinking about what my life would be like if I didn't have Amazon in it. And wow.

Last week, I bought a watch $275 and watch bands $17. The watch was white - really big and really white and it was too much, plus - and really more importantly - the charging cable was missing. The watch bands were bought to go with the white. So both orders got the return treatment.

I have returned a whole lotta stuff to Amazon. One of the reasons I'm so quick to order from them is that return situation. I know if I'm not happy with whatever it is for whatever reason, I can get my money back. Sometimes, they want me to return it via USPS. More often its UPS. I even tried one of those Amazon lockers once. I'm open to any of it. Lately they've started issuing my refund as soon as they get the shipping notice. So I have received an order, boxed it up in time to be picked up by UPS or USPS that day, and gotten my refund before 5 pm on the same day I got the order delivered.

So back to the current returns. I clicked on UPS drop off for the watch. I should have picked UPS pick up but I wasn't thinking. Instead of giving me a label for the box, they gave me a QR code and told me to take the item to the UPS store as is. UPS would box it, label it and ship it back at no charge to me. I read the email and the website instruction carefully because I'd never heard of this.

I took the box to the UPS store and they said 'oh yeah, it's new' and proceeded to scan the QR code off my phone. There was a problem and then another one and then they switched people then computers and finally they called Amazon who told them this process starts June 1. WTF??? I don't think so. But, rather than argue, I just too my order and left.

I did pick up a pizza for dinner. Future Yum.

When I hit return for the watch bands, I had all kinds of options, most of them charging me $6. But one - the first one - allowed as how I could drop off the order at the Amazon Fresh location and shipping would be free. The instructions said to print out the label and package up the goods. Seattle has two Amazon Fresh locations and one happens to be a mile from here in a very easy to get to location. So on my way home from the UPS store, I stopped there. They had special parking for 'Amazon returns' and signs with arrows until finally you get to a little room that had a monitor and printer and tape and a sign that said if you already ad your label, just drop it in the slot so I did! Easy peasy.

Plus they had a bin of free bananas. Except the bin was empty.

The whole arrangement was really well done and I'm delighted to have that option.

Anyway back to the watch. I got home and called Amazon. I do like that their telephone tree is one branch and you nearly always get a human within 30 seconds. My human - Angel - listened to my story and then asked for my name. I hate when they want your entire life history before they even ask why you called. She looked up a few things, and told me the refund for the watch was being pre-released. Sure enough, I got the email and text while I was on the phone. I had selected Amazon Gift Card balance and there it was. She verified a few things, and then asked to put me on hold. She wasn't even gone long but when she came back she apologized for my trouble returning the watch and told me to keep it. And the refund. Yep. I was astounded and told her so and she said that is why she had me on hold so she could double check what the computer was telling her. She sent an email verifying everything and had me read the email to ensure that verification while she was still on the phone.

So yeah, I would really rather not have Amazon out of my life. But, I do hope they get some bananas in that bin for next time.


Papa Murphy's makes the best pizza. $5 and easily 3 meals. The first one is always the best but leftovers are good, too. Thanks, Papa.

I made another batch of breakfast tacos today. I love having a full breakfast all ready and delicious before my Keurig even finishes making the coffee. I've now got 5 of them loaded.

All day was the clank clank clank of metal on asphalt. They are setting up the football stadium parking lot for the giant music festival that is this weekend. They had the first one last year and it was a hit so their back. It takes over the neighborhood and last year I thought I'd be shanghaied but turns out since I'm a morning person and all the music is in the afternoon, evening and dead of night, we barely crossed paths. And the speakers for the parking lot venues were turned away from here so it wasn't even that noisy. I'm hoping for the same this year.

I'm back to worried about Zoey. She's eating maniacally again. She has never ending dry food which she does eat but now she wants wet food 6 times a day. And it's like she's desperate for it. At least she's not Not eating. Otherwise, she seems perky and fine. Maybe a little more affectionate than usual but fine. It's all probably just my imagination.

And finally, my ice maker. It started moaning like old men having sex. I gave it a good cleaning and the moaning stopped but then it came back and developed more of a screech. I finally sent an email to the company today. I'm sure nothing can be done. I just hope it's not the beginning of the end.

I have one shipping box that needs to go to the dumpster and I was going to take it down there but my tracker chimed in and told me I'd reached my goal. Ok, then. I'll take it down tomorrow. Yes, the smart move would be to adjust the goal upward. And maybe I will... tomorrow.