May 28th, 2018


I did not go swimming today. Shocker, I know. I was actually dressed and out the door when my intestines quietly suggested I take the day off. I figured why not. Wouldn't hurt anything and I now know from experience that taking a day off now and again, makes the day back even sweeter. Getting up at 4:30 after 3 days of sleeping in will be hard tomorrow so it will be nice to have extra incentive. I may start taking all holidays off. Maybe.

I have the itchiest eyes this year. My nose, which runs nearly constantly usually has been Dry Man's Gulch lately but my eyes get these itchy spells which is maddening. I am grateful for the nose thing. For the first time in forever, the skin around my nostrils isn't all red and rough.

It's a lovely cloudy, cool morning. It would be fun if it stayed this way all day but at least we'll get a good, solid cool down before this afternoon. The Mariners are on a massive winning streak which will probably end today since I'll be at the game. Sorry, guys. The two women (Erica and Julie) who sit to my left won't be there today. They have given their tickets to Erica's parents. Who according to Erica and Julie have never had their tickets before 'and know nothing!!' Should be interesting. I'd guess that Erica is probably 40-ish so her parents are probably my age. Should be fun.

A few weeks ago, I made up a test shirt out of cheap fabric. The test was a huge fail but I managed to salvage the shirt from the armpits down and just grabbed some leftover and made a new top to it. Freehand. And tossed the result into the closet - thinking it would make a good sleep shirt. This morning I put it on really for the first time to wear til time to put on my Mariners shirt.

Turns out the proportions are perfect. The length is spot on and the color blocking - where I added the new top to the old is very pleasing to the eye. The execution is sloppy but the design is an accidental delight. I think I'm going to measure the dickens out of this sucker and make up a nicely done version out of good fabric. Fun.

I may do a little sewing this morning. I have a plain, thin, slinky top cut out that I want to put together. It's specifically to wear under the wild and crazy crochet sleeveless top that I will hopefully finish this week.

Then the game. The gates open 2 hours before the game starts - so today at 11:10. There's a special door for Diamond Club ticket holders and other special guests. There's a ton of staff there for security but they all act like their only job is to make sure you know they are thrilled to see you. It's kind of hilarious. The actual Diamond Club is one half level down. Your ticket is checked again and then you move on to the Maitre d'. If you want to sit in the dining room and eat (as opposed to getting a plate and taking it out to your seat), she assigns you a table and a specific person to take you there. And you get a colored paper around your wrist which all the staff is constantly checking for. Can't hazzard a scofflaw.

Once you are seated, yet another staffer comes by and takes your drink order. Totally open bar with anything and everything you could want. And you are free to table linger. You can go through the buffet line any time you like as many times as you like. The food is different every time. Here's the menu for today - it's only the highlights. There's always more than is listed on the menu.

Screenshot 2018-05-28 at 8.19.35 AM.png

I like to chow down leisurely and then head on out to the field. Usually the opposing team is finishing up batting practice. It's fun to watch the pregame set up and activities. Plus my seats are right there behind home plate so you can talk to people on the field if you want. It's an amazing vantage point.

During the game, there is a little menu at your seat that you can fill out and hand to an usher and they will bring you all kinds of food and drink all game long.

It's quite the experience. My package is for 20 games. Today is my 7th. The next Diamond Club game for me after this one is Friday night.

To be honest, the whole experience is like something I would look at and think wow, maybe someday I'll get lucky enough to do that. Every time. I wallow in the luxury and delight of it every single time.