May 25th, 2018


In retirement city, a 3 day weekend is more annoying than anything else. Plus, Memorial Day sales could bankrupt me if I let them. The fabric store that I hate is having a 25% off store wide sale. So I have to spend energy not going there. I don't need more fabric. Really. I don't.

My plans are minimal. I need to get gas. I need a few things at the grocery store. I could use some steak from Costco but probably not enough to battle Costco holiday crowds. On Monday afternoon, I'll be going to the Mariner game.

I have a crochet sleeveless pullover I've been working on. I have may 20% to go. Once done, I'll probably need to make a shirt to go under it. I got the new bag finished yesterday and I love it. It's much like the one I made last year and have been carrying ever since, only different fabric and some architectural improvements. Today I may finally cut out that next swimsuit I've been talking about for weeks.

Also today, I'm going to spend some quality time with Spotify. I need to help the curator and create some playlists and update my swim player. I just this minute discovered I can fire up the web player and then click the device button and have what I'm playing transferred over to all the Amazon Echo's in the house. That's very cool.

And I'll likely treat myself to a new episode of Killing Eve. It's a fabulous show now playing on BBC America and it is really a treat.

I ordered a new fitness tracker. I've been wearing a Garmin Vivoactive now for several months and I actually do love it and the Garmin service. The watch has bold, crisp numbers that are easy to see. Tracking swimming or walking is easy and satisfying. And having my phone notifications on my wrist is oh so handy. I also love the Garmin service. Syncing the watch with my phone is easy peasy and has yet to even stutter one time. (It seemed like Misfit was down constantly. And Fitbit was not as bad but still an off/on proposition that annoyed the crap out of me.) I can access my stats on the web, on the phone or on the watch. Anytime I want. No failures - at least not yet. And they are comprehensive. Especially for swimming. Oh and Garmin talks to my insurance health program way better than Misfit or Fitbit. It sends my points off to them with every sync and gives me more points than either Misfit or Fitbit did. And... I only need to charge it about once a week. I could actually get by with less but I chose to top it off when it gets to 50%.

But there are 2.5 issues... 1. weight. I feel the thing on my wrist constantly. 2. size. It's square and so has corners and is just big - too big. Plus I don't want anyone thinking I'm wearing an Apple watch. 2.5 it's old tech. They no longer make it or sell it and I worry about that. I'm fine with it as a backup. though.

So I bought a Vivoactive 3. It's the grandchild of the one I have. And it does more stuff. And it's smaller, round and weighs less. BUT it still uses the same app and same system. And it's still viable - being sold on the Garmin site (although, of course, I bought it from Amazon because they will deliver it today).

Tracker Report

I ordered the wrong color. Doh. But, it's Amazon, godlove'em, so now I've ordered the right color and I'll send this one back when it gets here. Vivoactive 3. I like it.

I had a terrible time getting it set up and I'm not sure why. At first I thought it was because in my haste I hit the wrong button at the wrong time and it got half way done and then couldn't finish. Then I remembered the beta o/s I'm running. ooops. Maybe it does not like Android P. So I installed it on my backup/old phone and that worked but not a long term solution.

I kept fiddling with it. Uninstalling/reinstalling and finally I decided between the fact that it was the wrong color and not happy with my phone, I'd just abandon project. After I tried it one more time. And, sure enough, that last time, it worked. Once I got the phone and the watch talking, the rest was gravy.

And pretty sweet gravy, actually. It does things a little differently than what I had and the different is nicer different. It's not a great deal smaller but I can't feel it. The band is smaller and I think the round may help it feel less like a brick on my wrist.

I also have a new swimsuit for tomorrow's swim. Good day.