May 24th, 2018

Battle of the apps

When I'm interested in what the weather is going to be on a certain day, I check the app on my phone. If I don't like what I see, I check the other one. If both fail, yep. I have a third.

I have a ticket to the baseball game on Monday afternoon. My best weather would be cloudy and 70ish. One app says it will be 75 and sunny. The second one says 70 and sunny. The third one says 66 and sunny. I think chances of clouds and/or rain are still good.

I live in weather denial.

My baseball ticket comes with a reserved parking spot which, since the park is 2 blocks from here, I don't need. This year they have it set up so I can sell the parking spot on Stub Hub. It's kind of a PIA to list them for every game but several have sold. Usually they sell day of game. Last time I did listings, I listed for the games through July. Last night, the parking space for one of those July games sold. It was for the Boston Red Sox game. Thanks, Red Sox person! Anyway, I went ahead and listed the rest of the season. Can't hurt, costs me nothing and so far this year, I've made $200 selling parking spots so not a bad deal at all.

Today's game is this afternoon which will be nice and ensure I get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Before that, I'll be working on a new handbag. I got a lot of it cut our and set up yesterday. Then this morning, while I was swimming, I had an idea about a different way to do an outside zipper pocket. So now I need to make sure I have all the bits properly sized.

Zoey is definitely feeling better. She is no longer screaming for food constantly and scarfing down anything I put in her bowl. We are back to picking over what's offered and I'll eat when I'm ready. Last week, not a morsel of food was left as she tried to replenish what she'd lost in the litter box. Last night, she left a large helpling of canned food in her bowl. Undesirable, I guess. As gross as cat food is fresh, waking up to stuff left out all night is truly disgusting. But, I am glad she's better.

Time now for me to get up and get dressed and get to work.