May 21st, 2018

Happiness is a bullet poop

I think Zoey is on the mend or maybe even mended. She was not nearly as clingy when I got home from the pool this morning nor was she as ravenous. She did eat her breakfast but didn't clean the bowl. All these things are normal Zoey and not her lately. But, the big sign was the nicely formed solid poops she left for me in the litter box. So...yeah! And, whew.

This morning's swim was great but, according to my tracker, not vigorous enough so there will definately be a walk today. I could tour the dozens of porta potties put out just below my terrace for tomorrow's Taylor Swift concert.

Otherwise today will be just a normal day in the retired life of me. I did design a new Mariners blouse yesterday during the slow parts of the game. I think I may even have enough Mariner fabric in house to pull it off. If not, I the fabric store down the street (the one I hate) will have more to fill in.

There's no ball game today so I can catch up on my season finales. I'm anxious to start season 2 of The Good Fight but I don't want to start up that subscription until I'm caught up on the regular stuff.

The weather is lovely here - low 70's mostly and looks to continue that way for the next week or so. I'm down with that plan.