May 19th, 2018


This is one of those days when living in the north west part of the country really pays off. The sun is out so those who area always bitching about cloudy days can just shut the fuck up. BUT the temperature is heaven. 61 degrees. It is even cool here in this living roo - 70 degrees. Perfection.

I especially appreciate it when I glance at the temperature at my brother's house... 96 degrees. The lowest temperature there - central Texas - this week will be 72 degrees. And it's only May. I not only could not live there, it's hard to even watch the webcam of his backyard chickens. I really do hate heat.

My swim today was particularly good. I listened to the swimming playlist which I did not enjoy particularly - way too much rap and hip hop for me - but it kept me moving, that's for sure. One of my fastest most efficient swims. But, I'm deep sixing that play list. Life's too short and there's too much music I do enjoy.

After swimming I went shopping. Target, Sally's, QFC. I went to a shopping center where all those places are just far enough apart to give me a nice little walk, too.

Target was rife with little kids. It was kind of weird there were so many. I did hear one little girl - maybe 8ish - pull out her most authoritative voice and try to negotiate with her little brother... "I'll buy you something if you obey me." It cracked me up. I did not hear what happened. But, I can imagine.

Zoey is the same. Still has the shits and an overactive appetite but otherwise perky and happy and seemingly her usual self. She's scarfing down the pumpkin. Ugh. Cat food is gross enough but orange cat food. Seriously, really gross.

I have no plans for today. Some TV. Some crochet. Some baseball. Just a nice, cool, Saturday.


As I was walking at the strip mall today, I saw a car pull up and a little boy hop out and bolt - I mean he could not get there fast enough - for the Game Stop store while his mom drove on. He was probably 10 or 11 and I think she just went to park.

But, the look on his face. I built this whole back story about his doing chores and/or being good and finally accumulating enough money to get that one game he wanted. He finally got the amount he need last week but had to wait until Saturday morning before he could get anyone to take him to the store. Those were some long days, man.

I think I was in about 6th grade so 12 when I started really getting frustrated by no transportation. We had buses but they were hard to figure out and I took one once to the library, without asking first, and we severely discouraged from trying that gambit again. We lived in North Carolina where you had to be 16 to drive. In South Carolina, you could get a learners permit at 14. I felt like I had to wait 4 years to live. 4 years to freedom.

That little kid this morning, reminded me what a joy it is to be my own person with my own car and my own money and do what I want to do when I want to do it how I want to do it. It's been 57 years since I was 12. Thankgoodness!