May 18th, 2018


One of my favorite musical artists - Brandy Clark - tweeted a big ole generic thank you to another artist - Gretchen Peters. I asked Spotify about her and two clicks got me her coming out of my Echo. Turns out she's great coffee drinking, internetting backdrop.

I've been wanting to hear the soundtrack to Greatest Showman. So I put it on my swim player this morning and listened. It's ok but not my cuppa. I had the CD on hold at the library and canceled that. Set up the swim player for tomorrow - I'm going to try that Spotify Swimming play list.

Zoey has me a little concerned. She's not a barf cat. At all. And yet, in the past week, she's thrown up three times and has gifted the litter box (thank you for getting to the box) with diarrhea a couple of days in a row. BUT, she's eating like crazy and drinking water - maybe even more than usual. And, she's as perky as usual. Right now she's in my lap trying to convince me that giving her head nuggies is more important than typing this entry. Fortunately, my favorite vet is open 8-8 seven days a week, no appointment necessary (see why they are my favorite??) so if she starts with any more symptoms or appears in distress, I can whisk her off to see the doc. I do think I'll go out and get her some pumpkin.

She has a new hideout/nap spot that I haven't found yet. But mostly she follows me around and hangs out in whatever room I'm in.

The hardware has started arriving for the Taylor Swift concert at the football stadium next Tuesday. They've commandeered half of the parking lot for their show putting together shit already.

Today I think will be some sewing after that quick pumpkin run. Baseball tonight. A normal regular SDHQ Lovely Day. Now, with soundtrack!

Phone spam du jour


Call toll free 1 855 3151 to renew the license. attention the license key of your computer has been expired. Call toll free 1 855 3150 111 to renew the license. Dear customer support of your computer has been expired. Call toll free 1 855 3151 100 to renew. Thank you.

Thankgod. I had no idea that sucker had expired. I need to get on that.

Potato Chip Omelette? Surprisingly not bad!

My dinner tonight was brought to me by the internets. I happened on two different odd recipes and combined them.

I cut up the green onions that were about a day away from being done and some bacon I had cooked and frozen. I saute them together in some butter. Meanwhile, I cracked and scrambled 3 eggs and then tossed probably 1.5 to 2 cups of potato chips (sour cream and onion kettle chips) into the eggs and coated the chips. Then I poured the egg chip mixture over the onions/bacon and let it sit and cook til the bottom was brown.

Then I put a plate over the pan and flipped it onto the plate and then slid it back into the pan to brown the other side.

And ate it.

Next time. I will use regular chips and probably use fresher onions and add in some mushrooms maybe.

It was interesting, easy, and pretty darned tasty. And there are about a million ways you could go with it.