May 15th, 2018

Wait! You don't have to!

I have a Diamond game tonight. I absolutely refuse to leave a baseball game early. It's a point of honor. So a late night means getting up to swim tomorrow will be tough. But, wait, who says I have to? Get up or swim. I can haz a day off. Why not?

So now I'm even more excited than usual about going to the game. New rule. On nights when I'm out late for any reason (you honestly don't need more than one hand for this count), I can skip my morning swim. 99% of days, I go to sleep and wake up eager to get into th epool. But, it's not a decision I make every day. I just do it. Once in a while, and nearly always after I've been out late the night before, in mid-swim, I think ... what in the hell am I doing? So now, I can go back to not thinking about it. I just know that no swims on those mornings.

Yes, I can swim at other times during the day but I rarely want to. Plus, I never know when it's too crowded. There are only 3 lanes so the 7th person waits. But, day swimming is still an option if I get desperate.

So there you have it. Beyond maximum gnashing over the minute. Also tomorrow is house cleaner day and an afternoon home baseball game. I reminded the housecleaner last week (afternoon games mean really really really hard for her to find parking) she said she would come at 8. I never know if that means she'll be here at 8 or she just thinks coming at 8 would be better but she'll be here at 10 per usual. I think I might make a trip down to the Renton Walmart tomorrow while she's here. Maybe.

I kept the air conditioner on all day yesterday and all night last night. It did fine. The bedroom is always going to be warmer but it was perfect sleeping temperature last night. It seems to do a superior job of maintaining a steady temperature and, therefore, using the very low (volume) cooling fan. When I woke up this morning I thought maybe it had kicked off during the night because I couldn't hear it from the bedroom. Turns out it's just (blessedly) quiet.


I had a friend who thought tea tree oil was godsanswer to every single issue in life. Stub your toe, tea tree oil. Got a cold tea tree oil (in hot water o inhale steam). Stressed out? tea tree oil (just knowing it's there and ready when you need it - comfort). I bought a bottle and tried it on a few things and discovered that apparently its magical powers required a secret word that I didn 't know.

Today my ear was aching. I did not even use my earbuds in tha t ear for swimming today and still, it's giving me grief. A lot. So I asked Dr. Internet. Who said tea tree oil. Ok. whatevs.

Except OHMYFUCKINGGOD! My ear ache immediately went to a burning and then shot right to a OHMYFUCKINGGODYOU'REKILLINGME!! I mean really really really hurty.

I went back to Dr. Internet who said 'oops my bad - you should dilute it first' Bite me.

I doused it with olive oil and that put the fire out and now, it actually feels ok. Especially compared to what it did 30 minutes ago. Also hot rice in a sock. We're all about the high tech medicine here.

Before Ear Gate, I did some sewing (pattern success!) and some puzzling...


Three times in the past three days I have started taking a survey when someone requested that I do and abandoned it because it was stupid. I remember in college, I had a course on public opinion and a bunch of that course had to do with what questions to ask and how to ask them to get valid, needed, wanted info. A lotta people have not taken that course. I don't know enough about how to put together a valid survey. But I do know a really bad survey when I get in the middle of one. When did you stop beating your wife surveys are really dangerous. I used to think that having the final question on a survey be 'what did you think of this survey' was silly. Now I wish it was required.

It's now been an hour since the tea tree episode and my ear is lots better. I'd like it to stay that way. Thank you. Possibly it needs a cookie.