May 14th, 2018


I am very happy that Mother's Day is over. The internet has given me a GetOffMyLawn attitude about nearly all holidays. I'm pounded to death with them so that by the morning after, all I feel is relief. I'm not a holiday person anyway but really not after 42 bluzillion photos and matriarchal platitudes.

So.... moving on... to the red, white and blue days of Memorial Day and 4th of July. Sigh.

The important stuff is that 1. my air conditioner is amazing. I spent so much time and energy fretting over whether or not to buy it. So glad I did. It's still cool out this morning but that will not last so today is the first day of turning it on first thing and shutting the door. A/C is way more quiet than door open with city noise. That's new. 2. my manicure is now on day 4 with 3 swims. There are two very tiny chips that you need a magnifying glass to see. Very impressive.

I have a hurty in my ear. It feels more like a bruise than an infection which is weird. I think the earbud while I swim may be causing/exacerbating the problem. I think I might try swimming with only one earbud tomorrow. Of course, the water getting into my ear without the earbud in could make it worse. hmmmmm I need water ear muffs.

I keep getting followed on twitter by businesses who's algorithm is so broken I feel sorry for them. Just last night I got followed by an Indian restaurant. Indian is one of the few cuisines that I really cannot stand. And right after the Indian restaurant, I got followed by an outfit offering "Rustic & Modern Residences In The Poconos." Ok, that's a true negative on anything rustic and if I got anywhere near Pennsylvania, as lovely as they are, the Poconos would be way down on my list of places but I can't imagine my every being east of Walla Walla ever again. So I just have to assume they are both interested in my daily swim pix or Zoey's antics.

My tracker is a little behind today so I need to take a walk and I think the smart money is to get that walk in sooner rather than later. I need to stop by the ATM and then I think I'll go check out the waterfront - at least the part that is on this end. They've had it walled off (for construction) for a couple of years but I saw the other day that they had taken the wall down.

I have several sewing projects stacked up that I might tackle and a baseball game at 4. So... your normal, regular just fine sort of day.

ROOFS people!!! Geesh!!

So we have a baseball make up game that was missed the first time on account of snow. Now it's raining. Holy crap. If you have weather and a major league baseball team, get a fucking cover for your stadium. Or don't have the Mariners on your schedule. Your choice. I've had enough of this crap.

It's been a really low key day - even for me. I actually did take a walk this morning and discovered a very old building that has been crumbling down for a long time is getting a total facelift that is almost done. It does look weird, I think, to have a 100 year old building with 1 month old windows. But... I'm glad it's not falling down.

Shortly after I got back here, the heat heated up so I have not left. Or opened the door to the terrace. And so far, I've maintained my cool.

I've been trying to figure out how to mix and match knit and woven fabric. Woven fabric comes in so many different patterns and colors - way more than knit. But knit is so much more comfortable and laundry-able. I had a great idea that I tried today and got close to good. Not quite but close. I'm now on a reboot of that same idea, a different way. I was going to cut out the fabric during the baseball game.

See paragraph one above.

Tomorrow, night is one of my Diamond Club games. Roof plus no rain the forecast.