May 13th, 2018

statuses, stati, status+?

Two swims, no nail polish chips at all. Impressive.

The sun is bright hot on my terrace where the thermometer says it's 93. My insulating blinds are down, the door is shut and the a/c is on auto. It is very quiet and it is 72 degrees in here (the indoor thermometer is 5 feet from the outdoor). I'm cool and thrilled to know that my Summer will be easily comfortable.

The baseball game is on and, once again, they are all wearing super stupid gaudy pink crap for Mother's Day. So dumb. And a perfect example of how many different gaudy pinks there are and that likely the equipment/uniform managers seem to be unable or unwilling to even get coordinating pinks.

Laundry load number one is just getting ready for the dryer.

I have now found 3 phone apps that are not happy with the beta operating system upgrade. One is a program that auto uploads all my photos to Flickr. I have a backup app that is working fine. Neither the app that runs the air conditioner or the app that runs the window blinds like the upgrade. BUT, I put both on the tablet next to me so all's cool. Plus, Alexa is happy to do the heavy lifting for both. I suspect all of the apps will be fixed soon.

I do love all the little things that the beta does. Silly little things like a tiny beep when I plug it in or unplug it. No more plugging it in half way and thinking it's charging. Yeah!! (For the record the Amazon Fire tablets - even the cheapest ones - have done this from the get go.)

The laundry is calling.