May 8th, 2018

Seriously, that is the way to do it..

There are two fancy LA Fitnesses in town. The one in Ballard makes you pay for towels. Well, makes those of us who get in for free because our insurance covers the membership. My LA Fitness has always had free towels - as many as you want. Until today.

Today we come in to a new policy... announced today... 5 am. From now on, those of us who are full cash paying members, will have to pay for towels. $2 a day or $120 a year. The manger (who's very attractive, by the way, and kind looking) was on hand at 5 to kick off the news. They are 'easing in' on it and so I got a free towel today. And then I went to swim.

While I swam, I chewed on this. I have a perfectly good towel I could cart to and from every day but my beloved swim bag is too small to accommodate and do I really want to fuck with it? But he only gave me one towel and that's not going to cut it. Plus, I still have to take a towel if/when I got to the Ballard location. And why couldn't they tell us ahead of time? And bitch, moan, bitch moan until I got to the end of my swim and decided I'd ask about the number of towels allowed and if I paid would that mean Ballard towels, too. But, pretty much, I'd resigned to bring my own.

So I stopped at the desk and asked and, honestly, they (the good looking manager and the nice front desk lady) could not have been nicer and more accommodating. If I pay, unlimited towels at any fancy LA Fitness (the non fancy locations don't have towels). I can get towels tomorrow and pay after I swim, no problem. (I don't normally take any money or credit cards to the gym.) A switch flipped in my brain to, in my case, $120 a year works out to $.33 a day to not have to tote towels or launder or keep up with them and have fresh, clean ones every day. If it were a piece of tech, I'd drop that much without a second thought. I pay exactly $0 for this gym... $120 a year is no biggie.

I do think they could have announced it ahead of time but whatever.

The pool was packed again like last Tuesday. WTF is it with Tuesdays all of a sudden?

This morning I'm taking the car in. I wish it would be only $120. I'll be happy if it's under $1,200.

I was sleepy all day yesterday. Last night I turned out the lights at 9:30 and woke up once at 11 just long enough to see it was 11 and the next thing I knew the alarm was going off at 4:30. I hope I don't spend today being sleepy again.


Ok, now I'm at the Mercedes place. On the upside, the TV's volume is too low to hear or be annoying so I can sit in the comfy chairs, On the downside their wifi is the worst in the world and it hates LJ. It took more than 5 minutes to log in and get to this entry that I started at home. Otherwise all was good until just now. Routine. 2 hours. I'll stay here, thanks.

BUT just now John (the head Smart Car guy) just came back to tell me that the check engine light just came on and they are 'running codes'?? WTF? As I told him, that sounds like something that should happen on the way home, not after I pull in here. Oh well. Whatever. As least, if I was going to come on, I'm sure glad it waited until I got here.

And speaking of things falling apart, my precious nugget ice maker is groaning. I mean literally, when it's making ice now, it sounds like an old guy having sex. I cannot imagine there is anyone anywhere near here who could fix it if it fails. Probably it could use a good cleaning/flushing out. I need to research that. I love my nugget ice maker and don't want it to die - especially just before Summer.

Once John comes back with the code report, I think I'll go take a walk maybe. Around the block here would be about a mile or so...

Check Engine... go away!

So I parked at the service desk this morning and handed over my keys. Apparently, when they started the engine the check engine light came on. It had not been on when I drove it in. They looked and looked and the computers kept giving them mixed signals. They did the rest of the work on the car and added in new brake pads and spark plugs and sent me on my way. My guy suggested I watch the warning light and, if the check engine light comes on again, don't panic. But, watch it. Turn off the car and let it sit and then try again. Keep an eye on it but if the car feels like it's running fine and idling fine, don't worry. Track it for a week or so and then let him know. I was really glad to get out of there but, honestly, it was the best experience I've ever had with them. Go figure.

I stopped at Grocery Outlet and, sure enough, when I came out and turned on the car, the check engine light came on and would not go off. But it runs fine, it idles fine and it's clean clean clean inside and out.

And I'm out $850 which is less than the $1,200 I was expecting so ... yeah?

I'm installing the beta of the new version of android on my phone right now. In the past few years, I've sold my old phone and gotten new hardware in the Fall and installed the beta of that year's software release in the spring. It's like getting a new phone twice a year.

My brother's all healed up and out and about which is, of course, fabulous and a relief.

I'm going to spend some time playing with the beta on my phone and then get on the ice machine cleaning program. I found instructions and they aren't simple or quick. And they involve a lot of white vinegar. So that's what I got a Grocery Outlet.