May 3rd, 2018

Not dead yet... maybe not even this week.

My doctor is so cute and nice and sweet. He was delighted at my glucose numbers and nearly did a jig when he saw that my BMI was lower than last year. He did suggest I watch my diet. Which, of course, I do because if I didn't watch, I might miss my mouth and that could get messy fast.

My appointment was for 7:30 which turns out to be the very best time. Lots o' easy parking spaces. It was the first appointment of the day so right on time. He spent what felt like a lot of time with me. He said my breathing was the best he can remember it ever being!!!

This year he has a scribe. An actual person, in the room, who's only there to take notes. So there was no waiting while he entered shit into the computer. It was pretty darned efficient. I got my prescriptions re-upped for another 12 months and we agreed to see each other again in a year. I really do like this clinic a lot.

The new shingles vaccine is now a thing (when I first heard about it, I asked and his office said it wasn't approved yet - that was months ago) but Medicare won't cover it if it's given in a doctor's office. I have to go to a pharmacy. I was going to do that on the way home but I was done too early and the shot giving part of the pharmacy doesn't open til 9.

I filled out one form on the insurance website for a $25.00 Walmart card (they didn't offer Amazon :(. They award it for annual doctor visit. I can get another $25.00 for a colonoscopy - noooo thank you. And, I think another for a mammogram - again, thanks for no thanks.

I need to scan in a couple of reports and send them via email for points/$$ from a different program with the same insurance company. I'll do that after I finish my coffee.

I expected the pool to be crowded this morning since so many swimmers are every other day people and Tuesday was such a mad house. But, I was the only person there for the first 50 minutes. Then a guy came in to use the spa. Just before I finished up, the guy who's been coming in every day at 6 am came in. There was no one in the locker room either. Very weird.

Today is one of my Diamond Club days. The Mariners have lost the past two games. So far they have lost all my Diamond Club games. I feel guilty about going tonight. But, hey, I already paid for a gourmet buffet with cocktails and a game. So... I'm just hoping to break my streak.

Oh and tax news. The Local Improvement District tax - the tax to upfit the waterfront that only those of use who live near it get to pay - is NOT annual. It's a one time deal. Now, it's government so once they get their hands on the tax, it's not at all inconceivable that they will want more and more often, but for now they are saying one time. We'll see. The plan calls for their deciding on it on the 16th of this month. They also have their panties scrunched over a head tax designed to take care of the homeless. This would be levied against the big employers and Amazon is having none of it. They have now halted expansion plans waiting to see if it's a thing. If it turns out to be, Amazon says they will expand elsewhere. So the city's got some thinkin' to do. I'm not at all convinced that this set of city leaders is one bit capable of taking care of the homeless no matter how much money they get. So I think we're pretty fucked no matter what. Oh well.