May 2nd, 2018

mmmmmm good

For some reason that I don't know about, my coffee - the same stuff made the same way every single day - tastes exceptionally good today. Be cool if I could know why so I could replicate but at least I can just doubledown on enjoyment today.

It's house cleaner day. I have a little pickup to do. Not much. Everything is in order pretty much, just dusty and/or dirty. While she works, I'll be doing errands. Goodwill, QFC, the library, possibly the Red Apple Market. The usual.

A month or so - maybe even more - I bought a new jigsaw puzzle for the building lobby. It was a crappy $1.00 500 piece puzzle. For a dollar, you get tiny pieces that don't stay together well so it wasn't fun to do but a little got done over the weeks. Then, this weekend, I saw that someone had finished it! I went back and checked the Nest cam and discovered some dude with a backpack and a dog had settled himself in last Tuesday morning and finished the whole thing while his dog napped beside him. 2 hours and he never even took his backpack off. Kudos, dude!

So I got a new one. This time I went with a Springbok. 500 piece but complicated picture. I emptied the bag on the table yesterday morning and then went down and did about 30 minutes of turning pieces over and finding side pieces yesterday evening. This morning I checked and someone had continued my work. The edges aren't finished yet but they are getting there. A very satisfying project. My plan is to give it about 30 minutes of my time every day. Just because.


I had this whole condo painted in 2005. There are dings here and there that have started to accumulate. I need to go around with my bright blue tape and mark all the spots and then dig out/go get all my touch up paint. There are 6 different paint colors on various walls around the house. I'm pretty sure I have some of each but I'm not sure about the viability of what I have. I think I'm going to get some jars from the dollar store and repackage it all after I do the touch ups. A nice little project with a good excuse to go dollar store shopping and get fried chicken

Popeye's and the Dollar Store share a corner. It's a bit of a trip from here which is probably good for both my pocket book and my spreading ass. Also it makes going a special event.

I think, before I do anything today, I'm going to get me another cup of coffee!


I was just filling out the insurance forms for my wellness bonus and I realize that 1. there is no urinalysis and 2. no lipid results. hmmmmm

So... my pee was inadequate and I should have used the backup pee OR the results were too horrible to pass along to me without doctor hand holding. And my cholesterol is over the top. Wonder how long I have to live? At least however long it is, I can eat all the Ben & Jerry's I want.

I'll find out tomorrow. I'm not making up any more backup pee. Whatever happens, happens.

The other shoe

Turns out the lab at my clinic released all the tests results at the same time but only sent some of them directly to me. All of them did go directly to my doctor and this afternoon he forwarded all of them to me. At least I got the one I was worried about.

My cholesterol numbers are just a leeeeetle on the not good side. The HDL - good stuff - was up a little from last year. Yeah! But so was the bad and the triglycerides.

So cute doctor will get to tell me to stop eating all the good stuff and start eating all the ugh stuff and exercise more - oh and lose some weight, k?

So... no need for any more pee and no calendar info on dying. Don't tell the cute doctor I did take advantage of the Ben & Jerry's sale today. So don't look for over night changes.

Ballgame tonight and some yarn work. Nice day.