April 28th, 2018

Swim double fail and still great swim

My music player got all foosed up and started playing the same three songs over and over again. I do not actually give a flying fuck about what love has to do with it. Finally I managed to stop the music and still get the lap count. Then, when I got out of the pool, it became quite clear that my suit had swam its last swim. I knew it was on its last legs but turns out they were corgi legs. RIP suit.

I stopped at Trader Joe's after the pool and for once did not buy a crap ton of stuff I don't need/want/willdieinmyfreezer. Yeah, me. I'll be going to a different grocery store on Wednesday so I can get whatever else I need (bread), then.

And now I'm home and breakfasted and interneted and contemplating my next move. Baseball at 1 but otherwise, no plans.

I'm cleansing my yarn project palete (hopefully) with a bear... Here are his little bear legs.