April 26th, 2018


Another tune lovin' swim. Today was lots of Judy Collins. There's a guy who's been coming in about 5-10 minutes before I finish. There is a person in each lane. He pulls up a chair and waits. This week, when he sits in his chair, I started waving him over and telling him to 'please come share my lane' and he does. Eagerly. Every time. So weird that he needs an invite. But, whatever floats your boat - boat, pool, water, ha!

I am meeting my friend, Barrie for breakfast at 9:30. I have to go right by the pool to get to the restaurant. I toyed with the idea of going in to swim at 8 instead of 5 but the idea of maybe the pool being crowded or worse, no room for me or having to wait or just being out of my routine was just more than my little rut loving brain wanted to handle.

Besides I also love the hours I while away when I come home and the day has yet to even start and I can internet away with my coffee. So... I'm doubly enjoying that now with a good hour+ before I leave.

While I was swimming, I conjured up a new storage scheme for the sewing room. I need to measure for and order up new shelves but I think I have a new plan.

And, speaking of new plan, Capital One has a new website. It more closely resembles their mobile app which makes sense. I do appreciate that it came as a complete surprise. No month of pop ups telling me about it and promising my life will have new meaning after I see this change 'coming soon'. I appreciate Capital One. I like the simplicity of dealing with them and the ease with which I can get all the banking info and services I need with zero hassle. At least so far and that's been a few years now.

I joined my four mandala squares and think I'm going to use them as a top for my big ottoman. At least for now. I need to block them into shape. I really do love doing them and watching them grow - way more than having the finished product. But, it does not appear as if this is unusual. I hit on a website yesterday that started off with "wondering what to do with all those beautiful mandalas that have come off your crochet hook?" And then it went on to give a boatload of suggestions, none of which appealed to me one single bit. They were all either impractical or not what I wanted. It is odd that the shape/pattern is so compelling.

I have the blinds all the way down to ensure the sun doesn't fry the living room this morning. But the door is open (blind covering it) and out of the corner of my eye I saw Zoey over by the door. Figuring she wanted to go out on the terrace, I went to my phone app and raised that one blind a little only to see that she was already out there. Guess she figured out how to move that silly blind out of the way.

It's supposed to get hot today but then get back to reasonable. I'm ok with that. I did pull out my sandals this morning and OMG are they ever used. Two whole summers of every day wear = way used look and not in a good way. I fell in love with them so quickly when I first bought them, that I bought another pair for backup and good thing because, of course, they are no longer made. But, at least I have a very nearly new pair and so at least two more good Summers. And maybe that's all I will ever need!

Ok, time to get dressed and get going.

Check, check, check

Checking stuff off the list.

More than a year ago, someone left one of those tacky brush groomer things down on the free shelf and without thinking, I brought it up here for Zoey who loved it. And I hated it. It just looked so junky.

Last weekend I had finally had enough and found a substitute online and it arrived today. I was not impressed with it either but it had potential. I thought the white brush thing was way too dicey for a black cat and the fur had to go.

So I grabbed my staple gun and some fabric and recovered it and then drilled holes to accommodate the bigger black brush and BINGO! Not so bad now. I did leave the gray fur ball. I will make a yellow and purple pompom and replace it, too.

She's now all settled in napping between the hanging ball and the brush.

I had a great visit with Barrie. It's fun to sit down with someone my own age once in a while and just spitball over some excellent eats. After our eats I made my way home via Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Papa Murphy's. This latter was a real treat since now that they don't open until 11, I rarely get there any more and I do love their pizza. So that's what's for dinner.

My grand reorg plan failed by inches. I can't find a cheap shelving until narrow enough for what I need. Target and BB&B let me down. As Amazon had done before them. Oh well. I'll think of something.

I did finish a top I started yesterday. It looks cute.

Today's baseball game started about 30 minutes ago so time for me to fire up TiVo and start watching.