April 23rd, 2018


I'm looking down the nose of a nice, quiet week. The only thing that is even on the calendar - besides baseball games, of course - is breakfast with my friend, Barrie, on Thursday.

But, I do need to do some warm prep. The local weather peops are threatening us with warm weather very soon. They are saying 80's but more likely it will be low 70's. Still... that's moving me out of my fleece comfort zone. I wear a long fleece robe over my swimsuit every morning to the gym. I need to have a summer replacement at the ready. I planning on a long, loose kind of muumuu thing. Made out of patchwork fabric left over from my various tops. I have the patchwork fabric made. I just need to now make the muumuu. It will be, I hope, weeks yet before I need it but maybe if I get it all done and ready, Murphy's law will postpone the heat.

Also on my list today is litter box retooling. I keep the actual box and maintenance stuff in a lovely bench built for just that with a doorway hidden in the side. It's time for re-haul. I'm tossing the old box and replacing it with new - new box, all new litter. And then I'm going to thoroughly clean the inside of the bench and reassemble the whole thing in hopes that I won't have to repeat for a good long while.

I spent a good bit of yesterday examining various litter systems - mechanical as well as different substances and evaluating. For what-- cat, schedule, litter box real estate I've got and my level of maintenance tolerance, I decided to just stay with what I've got. Tall sided box with light weight clumping litter. Simple one (easy) cat solution.

Also today, I will need to walk. Generally, my tracker gives me enough step credits for my swim that I don't need to do that much walking to make my goal but for some reason it short changed me today. Since I'm perfectly happy to live with it when it errs in my favor, I think it's only fair that when the scales swing the other way, I pitch in. So I will be taking a jaunt to nowhere and back probably later this morning.

I just realized that I put my shirt on backward this morning. I thought I conquered this life skill about 67 years ago. Apparently not.

wrong and then... wrong

I ordered some stretch satin for swimsuit lining. I only ordered a yard because I wanted to make sure it would work.

The satin arrived but it is not stretch - it's a woven satin. I sent an email to the email address they tell you to use for problems. Crickets. 24 hours later, I send an email to a different email address that also say you can use. Crickets. I call. For some reason she was very confused by the problem and kept asking me what the name of what they sent. It had no label so I had no idea.

Finally she said ok. She'd send me the stretch satin and have UPS come pick up the woven. UPS did the pick up. And I got the replacement today. It's exactly like what they sent last time woven satin - zero stretch. This time, however, it is labeled "stretch charmeuse satin".

By the time I got it, their offices were closed for the day. So tomorrow we will chat.

The Mariners are in the 7th inning and so far it's White Sox 10 and Mariners 3. Not that fun a game for me.

Zoey has, so far, not used the newly cleaned out kitty loo. I'm sure she'll be fine with it but I wish she'd tell me so.

In good news, I discovered that even though T-Mobile says it won't work, I moved the sim card from the Amazon tablet to the Nexus 7 and it works fine! This sim is one that comes with 200 MB of free data every month forever. Not a whole lot but a nice alternative if something happens to my phone and/or Google account and I need a little emergency access. I registered it with the Amazon tablet a few years ago and the word on the internet street is that it's not at all transferable. Happy to prove them wrong.