April 21st, 2018


I'm up and all internetted for the morning. Next up, get dressed, gather the trash for a dumpster stop on the way to the car and to the pool. But, the pool doesn't open for another 45 minutes and it's only a 10 minute drive.

I'm still a little bruised from last night's confrontation. Mainly I'm annoyed with me for not handling it better. For a lot of years I worked in public relations types of jobs - in and around people lovers. You would have thought I would have picked up some skills. Sadly, nope.

After my swim this morning, I'm going to do a little grocery shopping and then come on home for the rest of the day. No big plans or chores. Most all the house stuff is pretty caught up for once which is lovely.

Fool me once... ok do it again... ok, once more... again, please?

Monday through Friday, I finish my swim at 6 am and need to get back over the bridge pronto before all of the commuters get on it and clog the damn thing up. There is nothing - like a grocery store - conveniently located and open at 6 am.

When I get home on those weekdays I get attacked my inertia. Going back out just seems like more trouble than it's worth. So that leaves weekends. On weekends, the pool doesn't open til 8 so I don't get done til 9 and then I'm starving. But the stores are all open and waiting for me.

Sometimes I'll stop somewhere for breakfast first but mostly not. No good place or too lazy.

So... I grocery shop when I'm starving. I know better. I do. Doesn't help. Today I popped in to get sandwich stuff for lunches. $73. No meat (which is always the $$) but I still managed to spend. On the up side, I did remember to make a list and to check it. Go me.

When I got home, I decided to try one of the Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls. I shopped when I was hungry at Costco last week and bought a box of these things. When I got home I discovered that they are way too big for weekday breakfasts and did not even look that good. And they take up a lot of freezer space. So I decided I'd try one, confirm that they sucked, toss out the rest and never shop when I was hungry again.

Yeah so many flaws in that plan.

I followed the directions exactly and damn if it wasn't tasty! And filling. I should have made some toast to go with. Crap. Now I can't throw the rest out and get back my freezer space. But my apres swim breakfasts on weekends are set up pretty for the next few weeks.