April 15th, 2018

Saving up my hungry

I swam extra long today to make up for this afternoon. I plan to take the scooter to the Mariner game. I have no problem getting there but getting home after the game is just painful. Last time I made sure to stand up and wiggle around between every inning but, still, after the game my hips were screaming all the way home. My seat is smack in the middle of row so walking around in the middle of the game is not an option - plus, I don't want to miss any of the game.

So... scooter. It's all charged up and ready to go. And so am I.

I'm actually starving but it makes no sense to eat anything before going to a large, lavish buffet followed by a game where they bring you whatever you want to eat and drink - all part of a paid-for package. So I'm saving my hungry. I've got about 30 minutes til time to fire up the scooter and head out.

The no chat hair cutter with the dog cut off way too much of my hair but it's my fault. He asked what I wanted and I said "You gave me a great cut 12 weeks ago so I'd like those 12 weeks cut off." One of the benefits of old age is 1. knowing for absolutely sure that it will grow back (and I'll be be bitching about having to get it cut way too soon) and 2. not giving a shit. It means I can cut out the conditioner and bothering to even run a comb through it so kind of a win anyway.

I had another work dream last night. I've had a bunch of them recently. Different jobs at different places - all interesting and fun ones. I nearly always enjoy work dreams. They don't pay too well but they don't interfere with my Social Security payments either.

Ok. Time to don my Mariner game togs and hit the sidewalk.

Good decision

This is what I saved my hungry for. Even that planning was inadequate. I did ok but no CPL* for me. I usually spend the time between the feast and the 1st pitch watching batting practice. But today so pre game on field shenanigans. So I'm documenting.

The scooter made it fine. They have a lovely parking space for me. Yeah.

Action's picking up. Time to focus.

*Clean Plate League

drive by entry about a drive by

Ok, taking the scooter to the ballpark is PERFECTION!!! It was a little chilly and if/when we win and more people stay until the end, it's going to be kind of tricky trying not to hit people but it is otherwise painless. And my hips are so happy.

The game was good even though we lost. Lots of nice action. So for me it was a totally win. I love that scooter!