April 6th, 2018

Catch my wave

I swam faster and more efficiently this morning than I probably ever have ever. No clue why but it was fun. And even more fun to see it all documented on my app. Take that you skinny people with your tiny little swim suits and fancy goggles and piles of equipment on the edge of the pool. Ha!

I been rewarded over the past hour with sneezes and nose blowing. Gotta be allergies.

In between nose blowing, I'm wallowing in internetting. My electronic calendar reminded me that I made an appointment for my annual doctor visit on a day I had tickets to the afternoon baseball game. No need for that. So I got online and changed the appointment.

I realized this morning that I needed a haircut... again. I just had one 2.5 months ago! Anyway, I got a great guy last time. Good cut and no chatter. Plus, he had cute dogs. But, I couldn't quite remember his name.

Rudy's Barbershop (where I get my hair cut) has a new online system. I can log in and see when I had it cut and who did it! I love this. Found out it was Peter. Then went into appointments and saw that Peter didn't have an opening when I wanted it on Saturday but he did on Sunday. So... Me and Peter now have a date.

Note to me: get treats for his dogs.

There is no baseball today which, after the last two games, is a blessing. I have plenty of tv to watch. Plus, it's almost time to sign up for CBS All Access again so I can see Season 2 of The Good Wife sequel. I can never remember its name. The Good something. I just know that it is way good. And well worth a month of CBS All Access. Oh, wait. 1. It's The Good Fight and 2. The last episode of Season 2 doesn't drop til the end of May so I don't want to buy it until May. Ok. Now on Calendar.

My new yarn comes today. The tracking, until yesterday, showed delivery on Monday but this morning it says it's on the truck. Yeah!! Also some new shoes from Zappos. I ordered two pair that came yesterday. Usually I order more than one pair and send all but one or all back. But, I loved both yesterday. One, however, was a little big. So I ordered a smaller size plus some others to try. I have pre-decided that I can keep two pair total. The rest go back.

Zappos totally gets my love of send it fast for free. The yarn store has very reasonably priced shipping that's fast-ish. And they also have a free option that is slow as Christmas. I also appreciate having that kind of choice.

I had a nice, long, phone chat with my brother yesterday. It's fun to, once in a while, just get together and catch up.

Wow. Those posts that come over from Instagram are huge! It's shocking to go to my journal and see such a big picture of my face or part of my face and that old, old skin. I wonder, when you get to be 90+ are you shocked to learn you are no longer 70? I wonder but I really hope I don't live long enough to find out.

get off my lawn

I am very crabby appleton today. Well, not very. But medium. It started this morning when I walked up to the fabric shop and found the perfect fabric - two actually - but the main one had a flaw right in the middle and not enough without the flaw for what I wanted. I could have handled that but the chippy running the shop is my least favorite because she does not give a shit and today, she did not. No sympathy, no trying to make it work, no measuring to make sure, no discount. Nothing. So I just left the second fabric there and walked out. Pissed.

Then I got more junk mail from Humana about their rewards thing. They are offering gift cards for wellness stuff. They actually already have one program for this and now they have another. But their sign up website does not work in Chrome. Holy Fuck people. Get your online shit together. At least for this program they ask if I am interested in phone calls. HELL NO! Are you sure?? We can remind you about your great benefits!! CALL ME ON THE TELEPHONE and I will hurt you. I'll get $25 after my annual doctor visit. But the rest of the rewards will get left on the table. You can save your colonoscopy and mammogram and pap smear and all the rest for other peops. Not me. I'll give you one bone density but that's it.

On the up side, my Zappos order arrived. The smaller size is better and I can absolutely live without the other pairs I ordered so I'm keeping two that I like a lot and the rest go back. So I'll be saving a bundle. Nice.

My yarn arrived. Or at least most of it. I'm all set to start the next project. This is not sitting by my chair just waiting to get to work.


But, before I do that, I need to find my next book to read. My current one only has 20 minutes left.

I can't decide between spaghetti for dinner (Stouffers) or 13 Coins. I'm kind of leaning spaghetti, actually.

Tomorrow and Sunday both are getting full of ToDo's. After my swim, there's a rummage sale I need to check out and then the UPS store and then the grocery store and then I need to hustle my ass home because the game starts at 11.

Sunday after my swim is a hair cut and then the flea market and then I have to hustle my ass home because the game starts at 11.

Exciting, eh?