April 4th, 2018

Stuff to do

Today is house cleaner day so I will be hittin' the road. Goodwill first. I have a car full of stuff for them. And then the library, they have a hold shelf of stuff for me! And maybe the grocery?

When I get home, I'm going to spend some quality time with my bed. It is an adjustable bed. A top of the line adjustable bed that has not worked well for a couple of years. Today I'm going to try a couple of things and then, if no joy, call the company and either get this damn thing fixed or get a new one. I'm sick and tired of fucking with it.

I do love having an adjustable bed. I just want one that I can, reliably, adjust.

The ballgame is not til 4 today so I've got time to do stuff before hand. Maybe sewing, maybe yarn. I have a new project starting as soon as the yarn gets here so maybe this is a good time to organize the bits and pieces that are my yarn stash. We;ll just have to see what happens.

Lots of talk because of a new movie about the 1969 wreck at Chappaquiddick Island, MA of a car carrying Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne in which Mary Jo was killed. It was such a huge giant massive scandal at the time. In today's world, it would be a mere blip on the news radar but back then, it sucked in all the air. I had a best friend who's sister was Mary Jo's roommate. The tails of the media frenzy were just really horrifying. My friend's Mom spent a month in Washington DC just helping her sister navigate through life while in the middle of the mess. And she was just really on the sidelines. I wonder if she (friend's sister) is getting sucked back in because of the movie.

What a pleasant surprise... times 3!

Once again (my brother and I did this in January without success and before that, the guy from the store who I paid to do it didn't), I got out the instructions and got under the bed and tried to make it work like it used to and it should. Fail. It kind of works sometimes but not always and never exactly like it should.

I scoped out local bed places last night. I'm just going to go buy another brand and make 'haul this Piece Of Shit out' part of the install deal. (The place I bought it from screwed me over and over and over again. I will sleep on the floor before I'll ever do any business with them again.)

Then I thought I'll give Leggett & Platt (the company who makes it) one call first. With very low expectations. So I did. They do not deal with people - just stores and 'partners'. Their telephone tree doesn't even have a 'talk to a rep' option. So I just hit 0 and told the woman why I was calling. I said that my bed hadn't worked right since October and I was making one call before I toss it out and found another brand.

She got right down to biz. And said that it sure sounded to her like maybe the replacement remote control I bought last October (to replace the one that broke) might be defective. She said "let's send you a new one - no charge - and see if that fixes it before we find you a tech to come out." She was really nice and efficient and shoveled no shit. She did say, at the end, that she was sorry I was having trouble and sure hopped this was a fix. Me, too. lady.

I felt instantly better about the whole thing.

And then, on the heels of that, it happened again, on a smaller scale but still. I placed an Etsy order for some fabric about two weeks ago. I got the auto reply and never heard another word. This used to happen a lot with Etsy. Shop owners just didn't give a shit and never sent the order. I hadn't happened in a while. So I decided to send one note before I reported the shop to Etsy HQ. I did.

I got a reply nearly instantly from the shop owner saying that for some reason she never saw my order. She said she'd get my order out immediately and give me a refund of 10% to help offset the annoyance. The refund amounted to $1.10 - a pittance but it's truly, in this case, the thought that counts. And I really appreciated it. It made me feel better about the whole thing.


AND... in the middle of all this my brother sent a text that he's coming back to visit in July! Some concert in Bremerton is drawing them out. Plus his wife wants to go visit my sister. So they are going to try and roll it all up into a visit!