March 30th, 2018

Day 2 of Age 69

Today, I put the empty coffee cup under the spot before I hit brew. SCORE!!!!

And I got another ugly purpula bruise on my other hand. So just when I think I have old age beat, I'm reminded ... not so fast there, old lady. Fair enough.

Last night's game was fun and rewarding and due to some really weird MLB scheduling the next game that starts as early as 7 pm is in two weeks. The intervening 14 days are day games or days off. Very strange season start but at least the season has started.

I'm toying with the idea of popping out to Cosco to gas up the car and maybe get a wash and maybe get bacon and I might not do any of that. I dreamed up a bunch of new sewing ideas to try out while I was swimming this morning so that may just be the most of today. I'm fine with that.

I was going through my short sleeved tops (I standardized on pants years ago - same great pattern, same fabric - all seasons.) yesterday to see what I might want to edit out and/or add. I tried a lot of new stuff last Summer before I got my serger and before I got some needed knowhow. The Goodwill will be very happy with the volume of summer stuff headed their way..

Hmmm rumor mill has i that Walmart is buying my insurance company - Humana. I'm fine with that. I have a $10 Walmart gift card that's been in my wallet forever. Maybe I can use it as a downpayment on an inhaler.

Time to quit futzing around like an old retired lady and get to work!

This neighborhood is going to the hipsters for sure. Sigh.

seattlejo convinced me to give the new donut shop down the street a try. I had actually tried their original location and had not been impressed. But they are neighbors. So, I went over and got a donut this afternoon.

I'm really kind of bummed to find out that the neighborhood I've lived in for 25 years is no longer the fun funky place it used to be. It's now Hello Hipster and everyone else can just stay inside. 1 donut to go cost me $4.65. For that price, I expect perfection in a donut and delivery of it by a hunk. I'd round up to $5 if he's naked.

And that wasn't the worst. The service is clearly for those who intend to spend the day getting their donuts and, while there was no posted customer requirements it was quite obvious from the guy who waited on me, that I did not meet his minimum. At all. OMG. If that place survives, it means this neighborhood and I are not longer compatible.

I haven't even tasted the donut yet. I'll have it for dessert tonight. Since it's my last one from that place, I wanna make it special.

I ran into a hardware issue - well, kind of a hint of a possible issue - with the music player I use to swim. I sent a note to the guy I've been working on the software testing with. He's the owner I think or maybe Son of Owner. Anyway very nice and responsive and makes it very clear that he's grateful for my feedback. Yesterday I reported that the post plug on the earbuds had lost its tight seal and if twisted I could lose sound in one earbud or the other. I explained that it was not critical but I thought he might want to know. He asked me to use another set of earphones to see if it was the earbuds or the device. I did and had no problem. I reported that to him and suggested a couple more tests I can and will do. I just got an email from him that he's sending me another set of earbuds. Just in case. These are $70 earbuds and he's just popping me a new pair in the mail today. And, he's in Oregon so they should be here early next week!

Then just after that email, I got another one from an Etsy shop. I ordered two pieces of fabric and she refunded me half the shipping price.

I should get the swim guy and the fabric lady to go tell that donut guy that I am not pond scum.

The ceiling fix it guy tested the fix by flooding upstairs. Nary a drop down here. He wants to try again with more water. Fine by me.

I had a lovely day sewing. My next project is to combine two patterns so that I get the shoulder/neck design of one and the sleeves/body of the other. I'm going to do a test run of that one for sure.

Tivo clean up tonight.