March 29th, 2018

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So... one of the first things I did at age 69 was pop the coffee pod into the machine and hit the 'brew' button. Only when I heard splashing did I realize I had not put the cup under the spout.

Sigh. But I never expected to live this long anyway, so getting coffee, even on the counter, is a bonus, I guess.

My new swimsuit swam just fine this morning. I tweaked the pattern and the tweaks worked fine. I have fabric for two more suits on hand but I have plenty in rotation now so I'll wait a while before making more.

The guy charged with fixing the leak on my terrace is due back today. Now that there are three of us with leaks things are moving along. Slowly, but moving. Also the guy - Shane - could not be nicer or easier to deal with so I'm no longer stressed about it. I wish they would get done with it and then fix the window casing that had water damage. But, they will. Eventually.

Other than that excitement, and opening day of baseball season, not much going on here today. I have a new pattern to test out. Pimento cheese sandwich for lunch and beef stroganoff for dinner. Actually, a perfect day all laid out in front of me.