March 24th, 2018

People numbers

The regulars were not at the pool this morning and, in fact, the locker room was empty. I stopped at two drug stores and Grocery Outlet and they were empty, too. I just saw on Twitter that while there are healthy numbers at the March For Our Lives, there aren't as many as the were there for the women's march. I wonder where everyone is? Maybe they are joining the march later or maybe that one twitter guy was wrong.

I did see a lot of people walking to the light rail on my way home this morning - with signs. So maybe. I'm not a big march person. I got burned out in the 60's. But, something about this one feels different. Maybe it's that they are kids and they have enough years left that they really can make a change in the world. It really would be very cool if we had a generation or two better than we've had in the past. My generation contributed tie dye and good music and we tried to explain that war sucked and civil rights were important. I'm not sure we did a great job on any of it but better than probably generations since. It's time we had a generation that used their collective smarts for good.

This exact same time next week, I'll be marching down to Safeco Field. The Diamond Club opens at 11 am for brunch and the game starts at 1. All three of my weather apps say it will be 50 degrees and cloudy. My perfect weather. I'm working on a new tunic top out of Mariners fabric. I already have two Mariner tops so we'll see who wins.