March 21st, 2018


I got a splinter in the top of my finger yesterday. It was too small to get out and it didn't hurt so I just left it. But, an hour in the water this morning moved it enough so it bugged me. So I dug around with a sewing needle until finally I nudged it out. The whole time I'm having not fun flash backs to when my mom would dig splinters out when I was a kid. MUCH nicer experience to do it myself. She was a butcher. All better now.

While swimming, I rearranged my living room a bit to accommodate the giant white elephant. I think my plan is good. There's nook between the fireplace and the terrace that it will fit into nicely and outofthewayly when not in use and close enough to get it out easily when I want to. It has wheels but they are tiny and don't like the carpet. I think I'm going to get a small water heater tray to sit it on that will 1. make it easier to move across the carpet and 2. hedge against any leaks.

When the house cleaner gets here today, I'm going to get her to help me move the main piece that constitutes my plan and then I can cut the a/c into it's forever home.

Also, while swimming, I came up with a way to install the swimming noodle. I'm going to get a tension curtain rod and run it down the middle of the noodle from the top of the door frame to the top of the a/c insert. I could also use duck tape but I'd like to avoid that.

While the house cleaner does her thing, I'll make a stop at Goodwill. I have a couple of bags of stuff to drop off and I'll go in and get more shit to replace it. Then, the grocery store.

My new across the street neighbors have been MIA since Sunday BUT their cat is sitting in the window this morning. A pretty tuxedo. As I typed that, Zoey came out from here bedroom and is now trying to keep me from typing more.

A new mid season show on NBC called Good Girls has me hooked. You really need to start with episode 1. Totally worth it. Fun show with excellent cast.

My (snooty all girls private) high school is very good about sending alumnae shit and yesterday I got a publications of "class notes" with pictures and notes about all the - still alive - graduates. Last May was the 50th anniversary of my class. So you thumb through the booklet with pictures of girls and women and now, my class, is the old ladies in the back of the book. A lot (more than half) of my class showed up for the celebration. I could recognize a couple from the class photo but most of them, not. Some of the names I didn't even recognize. 50 is a lot of years even in people years.

Ok, time to get dressed.


Last night I made up a tear off flyer to sell the old air conditioner and put it on the bulletin board in the garage. $200. Got a call about it at 10 am. Sold it and watched it roll out of my house at 1 pm. Feels nice and efficient. The guy who bought it lives down the hall. He has no apartment building in front of him and said that already today his living room was too warm to be comfortable. It's 65 degrees in here.

So 1. yeah for selling it and reclaiming that storage space and 2. now I feel better about the natural temperature control in my place. But, he also said his heating bills were horrendous in winter and I don't even have a working heater so hmmmm

I moved a cabinet to a new home and now the new air conditioner is sitting nicely in its own nook.


My housecleaner brought me a delicious chicken salad sandwich for lunch. I mean it was top notch chicken salad. Delish. And my house is clean.

I found a couple of excellent fabric bargains at Goodwill and remembered to check my list so got everything at the grocery store. Score.

I saw on Instagram that seattlejo is headed to Charleston today. At first it was jarring. Why is she going to Charleston??? No one goes to Charleston from here! Then I remembered... she works at Boeing and they have a huge plant there so I'm guessing it's a work trip.

My parents retired to Charleston and loved it. In 1999 Daddy died so I made lots of trips to Charleston to help out Mom. We always had a great time. It's a fun town with lots o' great food. But, November of 2004 was my last trip. Mom died 13 years ago this month. So it's been 13 years since I was there. Wow. seattlejo asked me for what/where she should eat and I have nothing. I don't know the place any more. But she can't go wrong. They know their food. Plus, they have Bojangles!

The years do kind of shock me. I've had some really fun dreams recently about Mom - in many ways, it's hard to believe she's been gone that long. Also hard to believe her baby girl will be 69 years old next week.

But on the other end of the spectrum in exactly ten days, I'll be going to my first Mariner game of the season!!! I'm ready.