March 18th, 2018

Nashing on ideas...

My swim this morning went by in a flash because I was absorbed in my noodling. The first half was a debate on the air conditioner. Conclusion: I'm going to accept the delivery and try it out. If it breaks the circuit and/or I don't like it, I'll send it back. Final decision.

The second half of the swim was devoted to sewing. I'm going to start a shoulder project. Tops with different kinds of shoulders. Basically seamed (where the sleeve seam sits on the top of the shoulder), raglan (where there is no shoulder seam), saddle (fabric goes from the neck ove the shoulder down the sleeve in one piece). There are variations of all of these, but I want to get 3 good, solid, fit me perfectly, patterns of all three. Then I ca work on variations and different neck treatments.

I think once I get this base, I'll be able to easily make any shirt I can dream up. And use really nice fabrics because there will be no guessing so no chance of fucking it up. But I need to get the bases built with solid numbers and documented experiences. I have shirts that I made only a few months ago that now I can't remember what pattern I used. I have patterns I've used and didn't document so can't remember what tweaks I made, if any.

I have lots of knit sheets to practice on. But first pants. I found a black jersey sheet in my stash yesterday that was big enough to make 2 pairs of pants. I need to finish those up today. Then, get on the project.

And then, just before I finished my swim, I remembered that I need to pay my property taxes. The plan was to wait until I knew the extent of the income tax damage. Now I know so time to pay up before I forget and owe a penalty.

I have not gotten the cold that has threatened but rsc, who's sharing my symptoms (isn't that sweet?) noted that it could be allergies and I think he's right. I never had any kind of allergies (a fact that gave me distinct feelings of superiority) until I was an adult and then once when I lived in Connecticut and now for the past couple of years. Not horrible or even bad. And they go away without doing a lot of damage. So I think I can quit waiting for the cold. Whew.

Time now to get off my butt and get the kitchen cleaned and get to work.

OMG. I am an idiot.

I spent all day sewing and then putting together new patterns and cutting out fabric. It was a productive day for sure. And I didn't even make a huge mess.

I sat down to finish watching the baseball game and rest a bit. My eyes fell on my Dyson Hot and Cold. This is a fan/space heater that I got on sale a few years back. I don't use it often but it can sit in my living room without looking like a dusty old appliance so I keep it around.

WAIT! I know that thing is a power hog. But what are the dets? It's plugged into the same circuit that the new air conditioner will be. And it works with all the rest of the stuff on that circuit. Come to me Internet! 2000 watts, 12.5 amps.

Yes folks. I have spent countless hours wrestling/investigating and nagging/bugging and whining/moaning and generally driving myself and the readers of this journal nuts for NOTHING!!!

The new air conditioner uses 1090 watts. And 11 amps. LESS THAN THE FAN I'VE BEEN USING FOR YEARS!!!

It's a good thing I'm pretty.