March 16th, 2018

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Except around here there's not a lot of plus ça change which is ok with me. But, yes, still obsessing over the air conditioner but the obsessing is waning. I had a wild thought this morning about the possibility of just switch the wires at the circuit box. I have a 30 amp (double 15) that is not being used at all. And a 15 amp that is over loaded. Why not just switch 'em? I just posted that question on Ask An Electrician in Reddit.

Ok, just got the answer. No can do the swap. Dagnabit but, I could have someone repurpose the wiring in the baseboard heater I never use and turn it into a dedicated plug for the A/C. So, IF I decide to go ahead and keep the unit, AND it breaks the circuit routinely, maybe that's a viable fix.

Enough of that for now. My brain is wearing out.

And now we get to the ça change - and there is none. There will be sewing today and knitting tonight and baseball and a walk around the block in between but nothing special on the agenda.

I feel like I'm either getting a cold or fighting one off. I voting for the latter.

Walking my tracker

I need to take my tracker out for a walk and I'm procrastinating. For no good reason. It's lovely out. The sun is out which I don't like but it's late enough in the day that I can walk around the block and mostly stay in the shade. I'm just lazy but I need some step numbers so when I finish this entry, I'll hit the sidewalk.

I made a nice Mariner coat and hat. I'm all ready for the regular season to start.

Next up on the sewing hit parade is pants. I'm having to do laundry too often. I need more pants. I have the fabric on hand for at least two pair so that's the next project.

This morning while I was swimming my neck was really bugging me. I thought, at the time, I'd be sure and work that massager on it several times today. Except I totally forgot because it's felt fine all day. I thought for sure I was getting a cold last night and even some this morning and then totally forgot about it.

I think my imagination is trying to take a sick day without asking my body. I'm saying no to all sick and sick days.

No baseball tonight so I'll be doing some TiVo clean up. I have a lot of shows recorded that I don't care about but lots that I do and I need to get on it. It seems to me that the TV seasons are ending way earlier than usual this year AND there seem to be lots more new shows starting in Spring. I get the whole cord cutter thing but I still like traditional TV a lot. Plus, I can't cut the cord anyway because of Mariner games.

Ok enough sitting on my ass. Time to get up and get going. The sooner I get around the block the sooner I can get back on my ass.