March 11th, 2018


The switch to daylight savings time really did a number on the gym population. Fortunately, the two guys who were there to open were not affected. They have really gotten so much better about opening on time. I suspect about the time I get used to it, they will go back to maybe/maybe not.

But, there was one guy in the pool for about 10 minutes and the locker room stayed empty and it was definitely pick your treadmill day. Wonder if it got or will get busier today or if every's just writing today off.

I finally, after all these years, remembered to turn my two manual clocks before I went to bed. Saved confusion. There is still the one in the car to contend with but that's on a maybeIwill maybeIwon't scenario.

Otherwise, I'm pretty on board with it until tonight when it will be afternoon when it's supposed to be night. DST is so dumb.

The swimsuit I wore today made its last swim. It's now officially stretched out beyond what is decent to wear in public. Thanks for your service, suit. So, after I finish my pattern organization project today, I may whip up a new one. I have one cut out and ready for assembly.

Also there's a baseball game on TV this afternoon. Lot's to do and nothing that has to be done. Perfect. Next week seems to be rather have-to free. I need gas and a car wash and maybe that will turn into a trip to Costco early in the week. But that's really the only planned adventure so far.

I can do it... Or I just got lucky

There's a woman who lives in this building who drives me batshit crazy. We have very different expectations of life and views on how to live same. She is wrong. I am right. I mean really.

Among other things, she has a small child who is allowed... encouraged... to run amok. He, alone, is why we can no longer have jigsaw puzzles in the lobby. She thinks it's adorable that he throws the pieces all over everywhere every time they go through. She is one of the main and loudest objectors to the free shelf. etc. etc.

I have a hard time being civil to her when our paths cross.

But, she is now the board treasurer and does an amazing job of it. So there's that.

Anway, she just sent me a note a bit ago asking me to notarize a board document. I said sure and she came down and we did it and I was very accommodating and, frankly, pleasant and so was she and it was a lovely encounter. I was proud of me. Maybe one day her evil spawn will leave my fucking puzzle alone. Maybe.

The rest of the day has been nice. I did get the patterns culled and organized. And I made the swimsuit and it turned out way better than my last few which had been kind of disastrous so I was encouraged. Ichiro played in today's game. It was so fun to see him in Mariner clothes.

And I took my tracker out for a walk around the block. The tracker rewarded me for my efforts by telling me we reached the goal mere steps from the building's front door.

Now it's 5:30 and, of course feels like 4:30. But. Whatever.