March 10th, 2018


My swim device told me I had gone 52 minutes - 8 minutes to go. I literally thought "ok, so anything else I need to think through that can't wait until tomorrow's swim". I crack myself up. It's like daily meetings with an agenda.

At the end of the swim, my watch told me my phone had a call. From the number and the time of the year, I figured it was my CPA. So I waited until I got home and completely forgot to stop at McDonald's on the way. Sigh.

For several reasons, I expected to have a healthy income tax bill this year and turns out I was wrong. I love being wrong. I get $900 back. And my estimated goes down by $300 a quarter. I'm getting a raise! But, the happy dance has shoes that pinch. The CPA ran my scenario through the new tax laws - the Trump ones for next year. All but 5 of his clients will come out better under the Trump plan. I am one of the 5. I will get to pay $500 more. Somehow that feels ok to me.

It's only 10:30 am but I feel like I've had a days worth of stuff already. I have no big plans for the rest of the day. The baseball game isn't until 5. I might treat myself to an early dinner/late lunch at 13 Coins. I will absolutely be treating myself to more episodes of Corner Gas.

Getting Sorted

I finished off a shirt that I started a few days ago. It was from a new to me pattern. I love the shirt but not the pattern.

I have now two big organization projects that I want to get on track. The first is my sewing patterns. I have some that I make over and over again or want to. In the cutsey sewing lingo, they are called TNT's Tried and True. Those I want to keep nicely printed out ready to use copies of over my sewing machine.

There isn't space to keep a massive number of patterns and keep them organized. So I want to go through all of mine and make sure they are bringing me joy and are appropriately documented and labeled.

That starts tomorrow.

The other big project is my MP3 files. They are everywhere and misnamed and in a folder structure that has empty folders. It's just a giant mess. So I'm going through them all one by one. Each file is tested for sound, labeled .mp3 and then placed in artist folders where dupes are culled. I'm going to do 3-5 folders every day. Today I did Abba which was a total of 5 folders but one got deleted because it held Track01/Track02 files that were all dups.

A few weeks ago I spent two days organizing my sewing room. Putting stuff away. Putting like stuff together, culling out stuff I don't need or want now and cutting 6" squares out of left over fabric and tossing out the rest. The result was a work room that is a delight and well worth the effort.

I'm looking towards my reorganized patterns and music files to do/be the same.

I'm heading off to 13 Coins in just a bit. My plan is to take the long way around and give my fitness tracker a chance to stretch its legs. I was going to walk up to the fabric store - they have some new knits in - according to Instagram - but I really don't need more fabric right now. And I was going to go down to the SODO flea market which is today (the second Saturday) but I don't need more junk either. So... now I've had a lovely day but the tracker has not. Time to give it some love.

Then baseball and TV and knitting.