March 9th, 2018


I left the garage at 4:40 am and the automatic door would not close. I got out of the car and went down the ramp and punched the manual buttons and nothing. I pulled on the override cable and nothing. Finally, I called the 24 hour emergency line and reported it and left. I felt guilty but figured any evil doers who were up that early (or stayed up that late) should be rewarded for their efforts. When I got back just after 6:30, it was working again.

The big event of the day is lunch with a new friend at the conveyor belt sushi place over by the University. I'll probably leave early to make sure I get there on time and then to take my fitness tracker on a little walk.

But I have plenty of time before leaving early time. My Windows computer is doing weird stuff with Google drive. Or, rather, not doing anything with Google Drive. I think when they added Google backup, my machine decided to quit syncing. Since I use it so rarely I didn't notice til now. Oh well. No biggie. Totally fixable. Nothing lost.

The rest of the day is just regular. Sewing, knitting, baseball. Just a nice regular Friday.

Corner Gas

Someone in my LJ friends list mentioned Corner Gas - a Canadian TV show. Full seasons are on YouTube and I started watching season 1 this afternoon.

Gold - comedy gold. I chortled. I snorted. I LOL'd.

Thank you so much, whoever you are. You have led me to hours and hours of joy.

Edit later: My very alert friend restoman reminded me that it was kishenehn who's entry I read about Corner Gas. I am so grateful.

And, heck, I had already had a pretty fun day. I met my Instagram friend for lunch and it was fun.

I've been on the hunt for some Stouffer's welsh rarebit. Stouffer's website says some QFC grocery stores have them but I haven't found one yet. Before lunch, I popped into the QFC at University Village. BINGO! So... guess what's for dinner?