March 8th, 2018


It's a good thing that car wash was closed yesterday. It rained this morning and most of the clean would be gone. I think I'll take it over to the Costco car wash. But not today. It looks like we have a slew of rain free days coming up so plenty of opportunity.

Today is library day for sure. My holds expire at midnight so it's today or never. They don't open til 10 so no immediate rush.

Now that my lungs are back in working order and my toe has healed, it's time to fix my neck. I wish I had a masseuse or even knew of a good one to go to but I don't. I do have that massager thing that I think I need to drag out and get serious about using.

And speaking of fixing. I have a swimsuit to fix today and then I need to contemplate my next project. I have some beautiful and soft sweat shirt type fabric and I need to decide if I want to make something now or save it for next Fall. It's that in between time. Too soon to start with the short sleeves but I have a closet full of long sleeves. And plenty of pants.

I could stand to do a couple of loads of laundry. In other words today promises to be a lovely regular retired lady day.

Too much shit

It's a sure sign you have too much shit when you eat up what feels like a hure portion of the day looking for stuff. I knew I had some red knit fabric somewhere. It was a sheet. I used some of it for trim on one outfit but I knew there was a shitload left and I looked everywhere. I gave up

I went to the library and picked up a book and a bunch of CD's. I came home and looked again. It was nowhere.

I broken for lunch. I looked again. Nada.

In between, I ripped the CDs. It's a slow process because 1. I forgot how to operate the software and I kept doing it wrong and 2. I only have one CD drive and it is slower than Christmas.

And in between that, I looked some more. Then I went to put the new MP3's on my swim music player and wanted to find my little mini bluetooth keyboard. I couldn't. I found one that has a little USB dongle but that won't work. Did I mention having too much stuff? Finally I found the bluetooth one (which worked like a charm - sooooooo much easier).

And finally, one more run through the fabric places and I FOUND IT!! The red fabric. Whew.

It's been raining all day and there are window washers crawling all over the apartment building across the street. They have no overhang so every rain brings water spots to their windows. But these guys were just cleaning. They may have to quit soon, the rain is being joined by some pretty snappy wind. And it's really coming down through the hole in my terrace ceiling.

Last night was beef strog night at 13 Coins but I didn't go because there was also a soccer game. I don't need the competition from soccer fans. I toyed with the idea of going tonight but, nah. Maybe tomorrow night.

I finally got a definitive answer to my refund request at the gym who's pool tried to kill me. Now, keep in mind that I was stupid to buy a year's membership in the first place. And, plenty of people swim in that pool with no ill effects at all. So it's not anything they should change, just a snowflake situation for me. But, still, I did get them two new members. They could have given me a little somethin somethin... but, no. "since our pool does not use chemicals" (?????? WTF? I hope to hell your pool uses chemicals and if no chemicals, that's that chlorine smell????) it's not our fault so no refund.

Whatever. I'm done stressing over it. I'm grateful to have a place to swim and I can breathe and I've forgiven myself for being stupid.

Now I'm going to knit a bear. I got the funnest yarn at JoAnne's yesterday... great colors with nice color change intervals.