February 28th, 2018


One side of my neck/shoulder has been bothering me off and on for a few weeks now. I've tried massaging it. It gets better and then really hurts again. I thought it was a bad sleeping position but some lightbulb finally went off last night and I realized it was my computer.

I have it set up on a table that was slanted off to the right. The offended neck/shoulder is the left. This morning I moved it. Now it's slanted off to the left until my right side starts to bitch.

The window shade installer should be here within the hour. And of course, it is an overcast - no shade needed at all - day. Except that these shades are insulated so maybe I could lower them to keep warm. Anyway, doesn't matter. I'm jazzed about getting them.

My condo is kind of loft like. The only daylight comes in through floor to ceiling windows on one wall. These windows face east and can fill the living room with glare in the mornings. BUT, because the apartment building across the street also has massive glass expanse, I can get glare in the afternoons when the sun bounces off that glass. So the shades go up and down and up and down and up and down around here.

Happily, there's an app for that... and Alexa.

I made the decision this year to get new, smart, window shades instead of going to Sew Expo. Sew Expo is a massive show of all things sewing. I went last year and it is amazing. Truly. It's held in a town about an hour or so from here at their fair grounds. Two giant pavilions of sewing vendors. Fabrics and gizmos and gadgets and machines.

Last year I really enjoyed it but I spent way too much money and lots of that money on stuff I did not need and still haven't used. Plus most of the fabrics are woven. I really only am interested in fun cotton knits. I currently have a very healthy stash of fabrics waiting to be sewn. AND I have very little room for more.

So the decision not to go wasn't a difficult one. BUT now my Instagram feed is full of all kinds of 'come to the expo!!!' images that are making me wonder 12 times a day about maybe I should go after all. No. But, look! No. Really!!! Nope. Alexa, close the blinds.

One of my brother's three chickens got attacked by a dog last week, really severely. She was in really bad shape. They cleaned her up as best they could and moved her into a safe box inside with food and water and treats. He put a webcam over the box and I've been watching her every day. The first days she barely moved. And then, she started getting better. It's been fun to watch her healing and getting stronger. She'll be back outside chatting with the other two as soon as my brother and his wife get back from their vacation.

Google maps say they are well on their way to Nashville via Memphis. I wonder if those ducks still cross the hotel lobby in Memphis... Google says YES!!! The Peabody Hotel. My dad had a really good friend who lived in Memphis and I can remember being a really young girl going to see the hotel ducks. Wow. I wonder if my brother remembers or was even there. This might have been before him.

I need to make a grocery store, gas run. Not critically but soon. Maybe this afternoon. I need to make a list. Also tonight is beef stroganoff night at 13 Coins. I'm on the fence, but feel like I could fall off the fence... in their direction.

I'm a doer

The installer arrived just after 9 and was done by 10 and the new shades are amazing. They look a lot better than I even thought.


But the tech is 1000% better. The old ones worked off an app on my phone but they didn't always and the app sucked. The set up was painful. But, hey, I could manipulate my blinds from my phone without getting off my ass. So cool? Well, yeah but this sucker is way cooler. I can ask Alexa to do raise them or lower them from the top or the bottom. Or I can use my phone. Or I can use the cute little remote. The setup was a breeze. And it has a million extras. Like battery indicator. And remote operation.

I face east. If I don't get the blinds lowered before the hot morning sun, I pay for it all damn day with a very hot house or a very overworked air conditioner. I have been known, after I have pulled out of the garage, to turn around and pull back in, come back up the elevator to lower the blinds when I forgot. No more!

I went out to the market and got everything on my list AND remembered to get gas. And made up 5 breakfast burritos. And unstitched the pocket on a top I finished last week and redid them because they weren't right.

And I finished yesterday's top and now need to remake the pattern so it will be ready for next time. I may save that for tomorrow.

I'm now taking a break. And I'm starving but I have decided that it is a definite yet on 13 Coins for beef strog tonight so no snacking. I'm going over early but it's too early now. I think I'll catch up on my internetting.