February 23rd, 2018

My day is already better than theirs

Coming home from the pool at 6:30, when the elevator door opened on my floor, I was immediately struck by a strong smoky smell and the muted screech of fire alarm. My next door neighbors. The whacko ones. I could hear their frantic voices and the building's smoke system didn't seem to be alarmed so I came on in here and left them to their own little nightmare.

I heard the alarm for a while but didn't smell any of the smoke in here and it's been quiet for the past hour so I'm thinking we aren't going to burn the building down today.

The roads to the pool were dry this morning. I was still very careful and was extra grateful when I got there and back successfully.

If it snows enough to hear crunches under my boots, I will go out again. Otherwise, probably not. I have enough to entertain me in here where it's warm.

Plus today is the first baseball game of 2018. For the next 7 months I'll be watching a baseball game nearly every day. It's the kind of routine/rut that I dearly love. Plus, I love the actual baseball. Today's game will be on radio only but tomorrow's is on TV. Happy days are here again.

My toe is not showing enough signs of healing to suit me. I'm now wondering about the ingrown toenail diagnosis. It's not getting any worse but it does not seem to be getting better either. It's mainly just annoying much of the time. But, not annoying enough to to take it to a doctor. Yet.

I have a load of laundry going and that swimsuit fix halfway done but first I need to swap out some music on my swim music player. I'm tired of the old tunes and ready for some new ones.