February 22nd, 2018

Snow day

It started snowing last night after I got home from 13 Coins. It was a light snow here but steady. Icy roads and bridges gave pause to my usual early morning trip to the pool and then I realized that even if I lived through the journey, there was a good chance that they might not be open or open on time so... I slept in.

When I did get up, I saw snow still stuck to the tree limbs but gone mostly from the roads. The roads around the gym are much higher so likely snowier. I'm having an English muffin and coffee in bed and when I'm done with that, I'll call the gym and make sure they are open and head on out for both a swim and to mail the tax stuff off.

Snow at night is kind of wasteful if you ask me. I love watching it and walking in it but those options aren't as much fun at night. The current forecast calls for mid day snow tomorrow. That's a much better plan.

Nothing else on the agenda for today. It's a true play it as it goes day. I do have a good half of last night's beef stroganoff for dinner.

Going there for dinner last night was a real treat. It's a wonderfully cozy and comfortable place for dining but particularly for dining alone. The service isn't the best - it can be slow and sometimes not even detectable. But the strog was perfection. And the walk is perfect. Not too long and not too short. I suspect the service will get better. 13 Coins has always had great service so I think what I've experienced in the three times I've been there has been 'new shoes' ... once they get everything worn in, it will be fine. A rich bowl of beef stroganoff on a cold night? Best thing that's happened to this neighborhood ever.

Ok, just called the gym and the nice morning counter lady said that it wasn't easy but that she was there to open on time this morning. Impressive. Especially considering this was the gym that on many occasions even in perfect weather, has been known to open 30 minutes to an hour late because someone forgot to show up or forgot the key. Maybe those times are truly history. That would be nice.

It's 8:20. If I leave now, by the time I swim and go to the post office, the bridge coming home should be clear of traffic. Here's hoping.

Minor wtf's

Everything today has been working on me. I go to put a spoon in the sink and miss to have it drop onto the floor. I've had the sink in the same spot for more than 25 years. I grabbed the mayonnaise for my egg salad and end up pour ranch dressing all over it. After the post office, rather than head for the main streets and home, I just turned in that direction and landed on a shaded street full of ice and swerved all over everywhere.

I made sure the gym/pool was open. But it was only after I was nearly there that I remembered there was an aqua fit class taking over the pool in 15 minutes. FUCK. I decided to go ahead and maybe hope the instructor didn't show up as use to happen half the time. But, alas, he was there when I got there. One of the front desk women said that sometimes they let lap swimmers in if the class is small. So I went to ask the instructor if I could share the pool with his class. He was most gracious about it and said he bet there wouldn't be any students anyway.

Turned out he had about 8 and while you could tell a couple of them were not thrilled with sharing the pool, I got my swim in without issue.

But the new swimsuit has a flaw. That 2 way stretch fabric is just a killer. I designed a fix that I think will save it but I have to wait for it to dry. I could toss it in the dryer but I think I'll just wait.

After my swim I got an email that FedEx had delivered my replacement cable (#2) from Google. But, when I got home, it was no where. The delivered notice said that it had been left at the front door at 9:48. Well, sorry FedEx, honey, but I just happen to have video of the front door, the lobby (he/she would have had to go through) and the package delivery area in the garage. Unless your delivery person was invisible... it did not happen. I called and they gave me an incident number and a promise that someone would call me back in 2 hours. There are 40 minutes left in those 2 hours.

Swimming in the middle of the morning, aqua fit class aside, is strange. I feel like most of the day is gone. I know it's not but it sure feels like I only got a half day today. On the up side, I am well rested.

Credit Schemdit

First of all the package and FedEx tomfoolery. I never got the callback from FedEx but about 10 minutes after their two hour window, I got ANOTHER email saying the package was delivered. This time I can see the FedEx guy deliver it on the webcam video. So I have two different emails. Same tracking number. One says they delivered it at 9:48 and one says they delivered it at 12:52. What a stupid fire drill. At least now I have it.

My credit cards and banks all now give me my FICO score but never the same one. I have very good credit (that wasn't always the case but it has been for the last couple of decades). But, I still obsessively check the scores every month. One of the 4 that I can see easily dipped this month. Down something like 20 points. Still excellent but WTF??? No reason given but I'm insulted. Happily the other 3 are up from last month so I gotta believe that one just got up on the wrong side of the spreadsheet.

And continuing with my wtf day, I discovered that I made an error in my latest knitting project. It's the kind of error that only an idiot would make. I'm not a perfect knitter but I never twist my stitches. Until last night. Now ripped out and I'll give it another go.

None of these things are making me crazy. More amused than anything else. The cluster of them all is pretty funny.

Now it is almost 2 pm and really I have not done shit all day. Like the other stuff, no biggie. Having unlimited leisure time is a luxury I cannot imagine ever taking for granted.

snow pix

Just saw these two snow pix from this morning. They are of the football stadium which is directly across the street.

Next flake is expected about about noon.