February 21st, 2018

Cleaner Day

The house cleaner should be here in an hour or so. While she cleans, I'll errand. I have a car full of Goodwill to drop off and then I'll go see if there's anything there I need, as long as the car's empty...

Then I need to pop by the pharmacy at the clinic and get a prescription filled. It's one I use as needed and most of the time I don't need. But, I'm running low. One prescription lasts me 6 months or more. I looked up last night to see if mail order would work $$ wise. It's three times more quantity than I need but if the price was right. The price was not. So I'll swing by this morning and get it done.

Meanwhile the toe is not worse and maybe a teensy weensy better. My chapped face is dramatically better. I've been slathering vaseline all over the affected areas every morning before my swim. I think that's done the trick.

I think I got the last of my tax stuff in yesterday. There may be one more piece I think I have enough to at least send it off to the CPA once I fill out his little program.

And the swimsuit which didn't get finished last night will absolutely get done today. Just in time, too. I noticed this morning that one of my stalwart suits was getting a little crufty in the back. I suspect its days are numbered. Good thing I have more in the pipeline. Much as I'd love to swim nude, I'm thinking the gym might frown on that.

Postage or Strog? An old lady's dilemma...

Filling out that tax thing turned out to be more of a deal that I had planned. I didn't have my IBM form and I had a devil of a time trying to get into the IBM pension website. And my search terms weren't working for my tax payments in the credit union's website. Fortunately, Mint wasn't not being nearly so persnickety. And then right in the middle, the house cleaner came.

So I shut it all down and bugged out. Got everything on my list done and when I got into the car at the last place, I checked the webcam and saw her going out the door all done. Nice. Home.

I finished up my swimsuit. The lining fabric is 2 way stretch, not 4 way and it was a bad decision to use it. But, I think it will still work. We'll find out tomorrow.

My baseball app - MLB @ Bat costs me something like $15 a year. I don't love it but I use it a lot so I pay. My subscription comes due on March 1. Today I got an email with a code for a free year of the Premium (the $115) version because I'm a member of the Diamond Club! Very cool. The good news is that the premium version includes tv broadcast of all the baseball games in the major leagues... except... the home Mariner games. (They are blacked out so that the advertisers on TV network that broadcasts the games have no competition.)

I have a big envelope of tax stuff to send to the CPA. I have no clue how much postage it needs. I could walk up to the post office which is about 4 windy, cold, blocks. And there's always a long line.

OR I could save my old lady strength and walk the 1.5 cold, windy blocks to 13 Coins. The special on Wednesdays is Beef Stroganoff.

Yes, I could do both but they are in opposite directions and I'm very nearly at my daily tracker goal already. Overkill and have I mentioned it's cold?

Tomorrow I can go to the other post office that has a self service counter... So, shocking no one, I'm sure, strog wins!!