February 20th, 2018

Delayed escape

This morning I read about the motorcycle wreck and another wreck yesterday morning on the bridge I cross twice in the early hours. Turns out at least one of them (as reported by the driver on the neighborhood blog) was caused by black ice. Another driver on the road at the same time reported that he could see it on the road.

I went over that road twice and never saw it or even thought to look. Yikes. It's really cold out there this week. Really cold. The lady who opens up the gym has even taken to opening up a few minutes early to let the handful of us who are waiting in to warm up. I'd much rather than chilly weather than hot but even so, I'm a little over this cold. If you add snow, we can talk but if dry, then off my lawn!

My face is a little better. Yesterday and today I slathered vaseline all over the chapped parts and it seemed to have helped. Plus I kept some kind of cream/moisturizer/white face on it all day. It's not as rough, dry and itchy and the broken skin is gone... So maybe if I keep this up...

My toe is no better BUT, at least it's no worse. I'm going to keep up the soakings for a while and hope for better results. Also keep it moisturized and wrapped. Thankgod for my Crocs - at least I have shoes that I can wear painlessly.

However, I'm not thinking I'm going to need shoes today. It's just colder than is fun to be outside for no good reason. Tomorrow is house cleaner day and I'll go out then, but today, home and warm are the headlines.

I think I might make a swimsuit. I have enough winter clothes and I can't get inspired for summer clothes when it's so cold out. The more suits I have in rotation, the longer they will last and there are only three in rotation now. So I think another one would be a good Tuesday project.

Everybody in my class ...

It was a standing family joke. Mostly my sister but I think my brother and I were guilty, sometimes, too. An appeal argument for anything we were denied was always "But, everyone in my class..." has or does or is going to do X.

And then the adult du jour (usually Mom) would respond "If everyone in your class jumped over a cliff, would you?"

Well, duh. Of course I would. Whadya think, you raised an individual thinker??

I cannot for the life of me remember how/why I started down this road. My brain is having a use it or lose it moment/day/week/year...

I'm soaking my toe again. I think it's feeling a tiny bit better and I want to encourage it in that direction so ... another round of toe swimming.

Oh wait! It was about the snow. Every Seattle person on my Twitter feed is reporting snow. Snow in Capital Hill (2 miles from here). Snow in West Seattle (3 miles as the crow flies). Snow all over... Except... here. As I explained to my mother with every appeal "It's just not fair!!!" Which of course netted "Life's not fair." We worked from a very predictable script in my house

My new swimsuit is ready for elastic and then it will be ready for the pool. I redid the pattern so, hopefully, it will work even better than the others.

5 more soaking minutes then back to the sewing room.